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Discoveries About Atherosclerotic Plaques Rupture Can Lead to Preventive Treatments
Pan-Cancer T Cell Atlas Unveils New Tumor Microenvironment Insights
Pan-Cancer T Cell Atlas Reveals New Details of Tumor Microenvironment
CU Researchers Discover Deeper Understanding of Ancestry and Gene Expression
Spiny Mice Boast Uncommon Armored Bony Tails
Lab-grown blood stem cells to save lives
New Protein Target TAp63 Discovered for Rheumatoid Arthritis
MSU Researchers Reveal Complexities of Montmorency Tart Cherry Genome
High-Efficiency Assay Offers Rapid Mitochondrial Disease Diagnosis
Scales or feathers? It all comes down to few genes
Genes Determine Scales or Feathers, Study Shows
Computational Tool IDs New Cancer Immunotherapy Targets
Computational tool spots new cancer immunotherapy targets
Abnormal Lung Cells Discovered in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients
New Statistical Simulator Mimics Single-Cell & Spatial Genomics Data for Researchers
Diverse Senescent Cell Populations Found through Single-Cell Transcriptomic Analysis
Duke-NUS Researchers Find Special Omega-3 Lipid to Alter Brain Development and Aging
Organoids Validated as Tool for Studying Fetal Intestine Development
St. Jude tool gets more out of multi-omics data
Cruise Control System Protects RNA Levels in Rett Syndrome Nerve Cells
New Map of Spinal Cord Formation Benefits Nervous System Disease Research
Interfering with Antiviral Pathway May Deter Alzheimer’s and Dementia
New Tool Charts Differentiation Landscape of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Protein Identified as Key to Controlling Neuron Production in Adult Brain
Cadmium triggers inflammation that worsens lung infections
Gene Therapy Brings Hope for Hearing Loss: Researchers
Promising New Target Found for Treatment-Resistant Prostate Cancer
Single-Cell Study Reveals Immunosuppressive Tumor Microenvironment in Brain Metastases from Kidney Cancer
Single-Cell Study Reveals Immunoregulation in Kidney Cancer Brain Metastases
Mass Eye & Ear Scientists Regenerate Hair Cells with Drug Cocktail
Tiny Marsupial Challenges Origin Theories of Flying Mammals
New Approach Helps Bones Self-Heal
Canada’s First Clinical RNA Sequencing Platform Could Enhance Pediatric Rare Disease Diagnosis
Scientists Create Atlas of Human Gene Mutations
OHSU Scientists Create Gene Mutation Atlas of Human Tissue
Natural Selection Shapes Brain Size via Neural Progenitor Cells
POLDIP2 Knockout Reduces Mitochondrial Superoxide in Retinal Cells
Prior Treatments Impact Immunotherapy Response in Advanced Melanoma
First monkey embryo-like structures created from stem cells
HKU Biologists Determine Evolutionary Age of Individual Cell Types for Animal Development
HKU Biologists Determine Age of Cell Types, Offer Insights for Animal Development
Research Reveals Breakthrough in Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Children
Male Beetles Neglect Genomes in Female Competition
Brain’s self-repairing ability: How do we know?
Research: Centenarians Possess Unique Immunity for Exceptional Longevity
Scientists Discover Key Mechanism for Differentiating Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Groundbreaking Lymphoma Tumor Model Paves Way for New Therapies
Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Reveals Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Pathophysiology