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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center study points to expanded genomic testing that aims to benefit children and young adults
Massive single-cell atlas across human tissues highlights cell types where disease genes are active
Novel cell atlas for multiple human tissues finds discoveries underlying complex diseases
Brain circuit in thalamus helps us hold information in mind
Methylation of tRNA-derived fragments regulates gene-silencing activity in bladder cancer
“Digital twins” – an aid to give individual patients right treatment at right time
Revealing individual immune cells inside plaque that causes life-threatening heart attacks
Age and high BMI associated with sperm cell irregularities
Tracing cancer’s family tree to its roots reveals how tumors grow
Does autism begin in womb?
Decreased Genetic Diversity in Immune System Could Impact Endangered Toad Survival
Learning from endangered zebra stem cells
Bone growth protein might help more newborns survive severe lung disorders
Key brain region for substance use disorders now has searchable atlas of distinct cell populations
Spatial maps of melanoma reveal how individual cells interact as cancer progresses
Better in combination than alone
UCLA-led team creates first comprehensive map of human blood stem cell development
Leukemia patients with certain gene regulation patterns may be less likely to respond to CAR T therapy
Study Shows Important Change in B-Cells in Women with PPD
AACR 2022 Special Edition
High-ranking naked mole-rats are more resilient
UNC Charlotte team developed universal AI algorithm for in-depth cleaning of single cell genomic data
Research reveals how plants activate their immune system against pathogens in rain
Novel acute myeloid leukemia subtypes identified
C-section may affect child later – study
Houston Methodist researchers identify an immunotherapy target to combat glioblastomas
Decoding molecular clock that controls neurogenesis in visual center of Drosophila
Recovery from muscle loss injuries hindered by immune cell conflicts
New approach for probing bewildering diversity of microbiome
Getting under skin of an autoimmune disorder
Mount Sinai researchers develop novel method to identify and treat aggressive early-stage lung cancers
Surprising diversity of fallopian tube
Computational approach enables spatial mapping of single-cell data within tissues
Scientists map human sensory neurons, pursue chronic pain cure
Scientists put spotlight on aggressive cancer cells
Three ERC Grants for University of Würzburg
Surprise Findings Suggest Mosquito Odor Sensors Are Sensitive to Molecular Regulation to Avoid Insect Repellants
Surprise findings suggest mosquito odor sensors are sensitive to molecular regulation to avoid insect repellents
Genomic profiling of pediatric cancer may expand treatment options for patients experiencing relapse
‘Roadmap’ tracks trajectories of embryo development
Lack of cellular prion protein might cause symptoms of epilepsy and learning deficits
Immune cells as squatters
Understanding genomes, piece by piece
An oral medication reveals benefits treating Type 1 diabetes for at least two years after diagnosis
Intestinal cells change functions during their lives
LJI team uncovers new subsets of CD4+ ‘helper’ T cells
Researchers Identify Key Regulator of Malaria Parasite Transmission
Scientists elucidate novel molecular mechanism of MYBPC3-related hypertrophic cardiomyopathy using human iPSC-CM model