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Less antibiotic resistance in animal husbandry
Easier, more accurate method to detect typhoid infections demonstrated by new study
Research highlights undiscovered potential of bacterial compounds and genes linked to colon cancer-related toxin
Scientists Reveal Function of Cell Death Enzyme Capsase-7
Bacterial intimacy insights could help tackle antimicrobial resistance
Microgravity analog culture profoundly affects microbial infection process in 3-D human tissue models
Researchers unravel cellular mystery related to salmonella
New CMJ review article examines link between bacterial infection and colorectal cancer
Water wash cleanses barns between broiler chicken flocks, without need for disinfection
Research reveals organic vegetables contaminated with wide range of disease-causing microbes
UKHSA update on salmonella cases linked to confectionary products
Urgent food recall
RECALL: COLES BABY SPINACH, 60g, 120g and 280g in QLD, ACT and NSW
Solar nanowire-nanotube filter offers easy access to clean water
How to rejuvenate immune system of elderly people and reduce their risk of infectious disease
Food recall – Kinder chocolate products
Solar nanowire-nanotube filter offers easy access to clean drinking water
Food Recall – Kinder Surprise
Research explores if there is something ‘fishy’ happening with seafood imports
Antibiotic-resistant Salmonella strains not seen in migrating wild birds
Shape of bacteria can make it more effective, and useful predator, says new study
Deeper insight into bag of tricks of bacteria
Silver Nitrate with More Than 2,000 Years Antimicrobial History Can Re-sensitise Last-line Antimicrobial Colistin
Oral paratyphoid vaccine to begin human trials
How stress hormones guide bacteria in their host
Pandemic measures cut rate of salmonella poisoning
£200 million investment to fight zoonotic diseases
Intracellular bacteria use sophisticated ‘hack’ to evade host’s immune system
Recent papers in ACS Bio & Med Chem AU
Superheated steam can nix pathogens in dry food processing
Sponge playing in defence
Urgent investment needed in deadly disease
Laboratories move to White City: new opportunities and incredible views
Gene discovered in Georgia water possible global threat
Researchers Pinpoint Which Bird Species Pose Food Safety Risk to Crops
Affordable genome sequencing for pathogen analysis to help tackle global epidemics
NSW new don’t risk Salmonella Summer, be cautious this Christmas
Bacterial Battle: How Protective Cultures Can Protect Us from Food-Borne Pathogens in Cheese
FINAL word on washing chicken
How body uses fat to fight infection
ASM Announces 2021 Agar Art Contest Winners
Making sense of bacterial DNA data
Researchers awarded over $23m in NHMRC innovative project grants
How foodborne diseases protect gut’s nervous system
Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B Volume 11, Issue 10 publishes
Sharpest images ever reveal patchy face of living bacteria
Quest for bacterial cocktails to fight infections
Defence system protects African Salmonella from attack by viruses