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France Reports Extensively Drug-Resistant Shigella Strain Emergence
APHA to review fees and charges for 2022/2023
New Zealand should brace for spillover infections from animals after floods
Stanford Devises New Method for Bacteria ID in Fluids
Researchers develop new way to identify bacteria in fluids
Storing Salmon & Strawberries for Future Use
Tracing & Recalls Save World from Chocolate Salmonella Outbreak
Tracing & Recalls Save World from Chocolate Salmonella Outbreak
Voice-Activated DNA Lab Tool for Safer Handling
Chinese Academy of Sciences: SopB Modifies Vimentin for Salmonella Infection
Tool Helps Catch Bacterial Infections in Real Time
Sugar Cane Pathogen Spurs New Era of Antibiotic Discovery
How Do Microbes Remove Radioactive Waste?
Risk of Colon Cancer from Salmonella Exposure
Plasmids and Spread of Antibiotic Resistance Genes
Bacteria Could Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Salmonella in Food
Tool Advances Risk-Assessment in Produce Industry
Don’t Wash Raw Chicken: Why Do People Still Do It?
3-Dose Malaria Vaccine Shows Promise in West African Adults
Small RNAs Reveal Role in Salmonella Infections
Sarunashi Juice Inhibits Lung Cancer in Mice
Study finds how much people would pay to live without food hypersensitivity
Half of Online Turtle Sellers Fail to Provide Salmonella Risk Info
How long can you safely eat Christmas leftovers?
New strategy to guide emergency biosecurity and food safety responses
Life-threatening infections on rise due to drug-resistant bacteria, new WHO report reveals
Report signals increasing resistance to antibiotics in bacterial infections in humans and need for better data
NSW new investigations into Central Coast Salmonella outbreak continue
Food Sanitization Spray Sends Out ‘Billions of Little Soldiers’
£1.7m memorial donation enables new antimicrobial research
Spice Containers Pose Contamination Risk During Food Preparation
Ye Olde Pathogen: Learning about Evolution from Ancient DNA
Why you shouldn’t wash chicken
Fighting Foodborne Pathogens with Natural Antimicrobials
USDA Reflects on Decade of Antimicrobial Resistance Response
Glowing tags reveal split-second activity of pathogenic circuitry
Charges and fees for services provided by APHA
Pulsed light technology effectively kills harmful pathogens in new study
How COVID spawned surge in superbugs-and what we can do about it
Single-Cell RNA Sequencing to Study Salmonella Infection
Study Finds Genetic Method for Identifying Hundreds of Disease Agents ‘Promising’
Impact of climate change on human pathogenic diseases subject of new study by UH researchers
Oil-based Systems Show Promise for Eradicating Salmonella on Food Production Machinery
Greenhouse gas emissions responsible for more than half of human pathogenic diseases
Protecting farmers against impacts of poultry disease outbreak
Combating drug-resistant bacteria
CDC Investigation Notice: Small turtles purchased online linked to Salmonella outbreak affecting children
Anti-bacterial liaison