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Single Use Plastic Workshops
New funding to protect biodiversity in UK overseas territories
ACT weakens plastic ban by removing fruit and veggie bags
Days away from lightweight bag ban
Last drinks for plastic straws with next tranche of ACT single use plastics ban
Coles using plastic marine waste to make shopping bags
India’s Economic Powerhouse Maharashtra Joins World Economic Forum in Fight Against Plastic Pollution
Upcycling plastic waste into graphite provides possible alternative to landfills
Greener gas helps to numb climate pain
Citizens for climate action: power of individuals banding together
NREL calculates lost value of landfilled plastic in US
Coke vs. Pepsi – Who will lead us into refill and reuse future?
Polls show a jump in Greens vote – but its real path to power lies in reconciling with Labor
Over half of all plastic waste in Australia generated by business
Way we think about waste is changing
NT plastic ban will help territory wildlife
CitizenClimate series 03: Cho Sun-Hee
Help for hospitality venues to become “Plastic Free Places”
Help Shape Victoria’s Waste-Free Future
Emerging tech in food, transport and energy sector can help counter effects of climate change
Joining forces for health and hydration of Talbot community
University of Sydney to be powered by 100% renewable electricity
Do you toss biodegradable plastics in compost bin?
Big brands must seize moment to end plastic pollution crisis
Qantas zeros in on emissions with interim target
New grant for sports clubs and community groups to reduce waste
State-wide initiative to ban businesses from supplying single-use plastic items
$60m federal recycling investment is welcome help for oceans
Victoria University proud to mark World Water Day
Woolworths grows greener as WA stores phase out plastic bags ahead of state ban
CSIRO on mission to end plastic waste
Phasing out of single-use waste in NSW
Game on for plastic-free events across Canberra
Committed to cleaning up Tasmania
If Government did its job, we’d have policies that clean up Australia every day
UN Environment Assembly concludes with 14 resolutions to curb pollution, protect and restore nature worldwide
Nations sign up to end global scourge of plastic pollution
Historic day in campaign to beat plastic pollution: Nations commit to develop legally binding agreement
Clean Up Australia Day activities target city’s parks and waterways
Canada supports new legally binding global agreement on plastics as UN meeting kicks off in Kenya
Now’s time to step up and clean up on 6 March
Pakistan Partners with World Economic Forum to Fight Plastic Pollution
Extra help for businesses to phase out single-use plastics
Minister Guilbeault speaks at World Sustainable Development Summit and outlines Canada’s leadership role
Clean Up Australia Day 2022: Ballina Shire
World must ‘change track’ to protect oceans from climate crisis: Guterres
Greenpeace USA welcomes Coca-Cola’s key step toward goal of 50% of reusable packaging by 2030
Benefits of Beverage Policies