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Minderoo-Monaco Commission Releases Sweeping Report on Plastics and Health
Ocean Lovers Fest Calls for Plastic Action
Scientists enhance recyclability of waste plastic
Scientists Make Waste Plastic Easier to Recycle
New Exhibition Transforms Humble Bread Tag
Businesses Prep for Packaging Waste Reforms
End of Affair: it’s time to break up with plastic
Sustainability major focus of Ballarat Begonia Festival
Police Launch Study on Plastic Overuse at Crime Scenes
Single use plastics ban
Plastic is moving quickly from our shops to our bins
Step Closer to Drinks Container Deposit Return Scheme
Major Events EOI now open
Seafloor Microplastic Levels Triple in Two Decades
Top Four Tips to Help Fight Waste This Christmas: Bayside
Imperial and Royal Institution drive next generation of climate startups
How you can help protect tiny turtles
Recipe for success: Ditch single-use plastic bags with Alice Zaslavsky
More than $11 million for litter and illegal dumping
Beyond Black Friday: how much waste ends up in landfill?
HKU Partnership for Sustainability Leadership in Business hosts Knowledge Primer 4
Eden waste warriors tackle landfill problem from classroom
REDcycle program suspension bad news for oceans
Reusable cups and containers to become second nature in Bondi
More plastic bans starting November
Air New Zealand releases 2022 Sustainability Report
How is plastic exposure impacting our health?
Proposed menthol ban in U.S. would cut littering by 3.8 billion cigarettes butts annually
Stanford medical researchers and administrators discuss how to make U.S. health care more sustainable
Biggest Plastic Polluter named Sponsor for COP27 – Greenpeace Reaction
UBC researcher creates wood-based alternative to single-use plastic
Government backs initiatives to cut environmental impact of plastic waste
How to tell if that plastic bottle or bag has recycled material in it
New strategies to reduce litter and illegal dumping
Growing gains in black rice and hemp
How theatre plastics can help your garden
Preparing multicultural communities for NSW plastics ban
10p bag charge turns tide on plastic waste
Party kits help families celebrate without single-use plastic
Woolworths Group and Pact plan new strategic partnership to boost recycled packaging
Choose to Up Cup for Plastic Free July
NSW EPA partnership to curb single use plastics
River health boosted
Relentless positivity of Plastic Free July
Southern Cross partners with EPA for plastic-free future
South Australians say time’s up for single-use plastic products
Turning tide on single-use plastic
Freo makes it easier to choose reusable cups during Plastic Free July