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Halifax Firms Develop Med Solutions to Tackle Challenges
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Miraculous Recovery at UConn Health for Heart Attack Survivor
Patient Satisfaction Linked to Bariatric Surgery Likelihood
Risk of Traffic Accidents Linked to Vaccine Attitudes
WSU sleep researchers say Santa at risk for crashing sleigh over North America due to fatigue
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New mobile health technology for sleep apnea care to meet individual patient needs
Transgender youth, teenagers more likely to have sleep disorders
Apple Watch provides medical-grade blood oxygen saturation values
USPSTF recommendation statement on screening for obstructive sleep apnea in adults
Scientists uncover cellular signature to detect pediatric sleep apnea
Research explains link between sleep apnea and dementia
Counting steps can reduce disease risk
Home sensors can detect opioid withdrawal signs at night
Promising medication for sleep apnea
Constant state of Afib
7 things to know about polycystic ovary syndrome
Rehospitalization is lower in adults with heart disease treated for comorbid sleep apnea
Transplanted gut bacteria causes cardiovascular changes
Early onset of diabetes, hypertension can predict early glaucoma, ophthalmologists report
AHA statement offers guidance on sleep-disordered breathing and cardiac arrhythmias in adults
Researchers Develop Interdisciplinary Approach to Improve CPAP Use for Children with Sleep Apnea
Research reveals that social circumstances have outsized impact on hypertension control
Training blood vessels may help protect against heart attack, stroke
He had problems swallowing and sometimes choked when he talked. Was it anxiety?
Personal health trackers may include smart face mask, other wearables
Hormones are linked with sleep apnea, snoring in postmenopausal women
Major software acquisition for leading Australian company ResMed
Research reveals long-term 10% weight loss with anti-obesity medications and lifestyle changes
PET Imaging Confirms Link Between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Heart Blood Flow Impairment
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