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Drug Used for Sleep Disorders Is Linked to Higher Risk of Overdose in Teens, Young Adults
Association for benzodiazepine treatment for sleep disorders With drug overdose risk among young people
Transgender youth, teenagers more likely to have sleep disorders
Flinders gets set for Australia’s Sleep Revolution
Severely stressful events worsen symptoms of long COVID
Piven Presents on Autism in Older Age to Special U.S. DHHS Interagency Committee
Veterans find relief from nightmares with NightWare and Apple Watch
Early bird may just get worm
Researchers 1st to track app’s effect on heavy drinkers with insomnia
Poor quality sleep may be linked to heightened risk of irreversible sight loss
Major chord that cures nightmares
Researcher combines AI and microelectronics to create neural implants that fight brain disorders
Scientists discover new pathologic mechanism of primary ovarian insufficiency
Voice screening App delivers rapid results for Parkinson’s and severe COVID
Hot summer nights bad for health
Many parents use melatonin gummies to help children sleep
Myotonic dystrophy: GABA receptors implicated in sleepiness, via mouse model
GABA receptors implicated in sleepiness, via mouse model
NIH-funded study shows sound sleep supports immune function
Interactions between genetics and environment can explain variability seen in common neuropsychiatric disorders
Melatonin and Kids
Insomnia increases likelihood of memory decline in older adults, according to new research
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Research Points Toward Three Autism Subgroups with Distinct Prenatal Risk Factors
UVA Discovery Could Ease Jet Lag, Improve Chemotherapy, Among Other Benefits
AHA statement offers guidance on sleep-disordered breathing and cardiac arrhythmias in adults
Unequal distribution of noise
Living dream: scientist’s fascination with our brains while we sleep
Veterans are reluctant to seek help for sleep problems or substance use
Canada invests in research to improve sleep for Canadians
Australian invention enables post-partum depression medication to be administered as simple oral capsule
Cleveland Clinic researchers find sleep disturbances prevalent in post-acute sequelae of Covid
NIH-supported study links poor sleep to increased risk of COPD flare-ups
Very high doses of cannabis component CBD don’t affect driving
Very high doses of CBD, cannabis component, don’t affect driving
Treating sleep apnoea can improve memory in people with cognitive decline
New study aims to identify sleep disorder in Tasmanians aged over 50
Scientists Use Machine Learning Models to Help Identify Long COVID Patients
Why people with sleep apnoea develop high blood pressure and diabetes
First comprehensive study reveals why Australians take medicinal cannabis
Scientists Illuminate Mechanism of Common Drug Target
Risky driving behaviors increase as common sleep disorder worsens
Alzheimer’s brain barrier damage theory could pave way for new treatments
Some types of epilepsy may be linked to worse quality of life
Levels of certain hormone could predict or detect bone loss in premenopausal women
Lower life expectancies of socially disadvantaged linked to reduced microbial exposures
Minor Head Injury Leads to Chronic Post-Concussion Syndrome in 1 of 4 Children
Road to better Zzz’s
Covid has left GPs struggling around world, new study shows