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Canada Pension Plan
Polish Presidential Election 2020: which role does far-right politics play?
Delivering on key measures to support all Australians
Reappointment of Registrar of Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Executive Order on Strengthening Child Welfare System for America’s Children
World Bank Group, Australia to Support Vietnam Mitigate Impacts of COVID-19 and Facilitate Economic Recovery
UC Goering Center news 24 June
High risk of corporate bankruptcy due to coronavirus pandemic, according to a new analysis
Is it time for a new accord between trade unions and employers?
Funding boost for SA legal sector
Address – CEDA’s State Of Nation Conference
$100 million to Improve Access to Jobs and Better Work Conditions for Jordanians and Syrian refugees
Investment of up to £6m in new listing technology to benefit court users
‘Community’ and Cashless Debit Card in Hinkler Region
Social Security Advisory Committee appointments
Philippines: World Bank Approves US$500 Million to Help Mitigate Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic
Report highlights that women carers disproportionately impacted by poverty
Women with caring responsibilities at greater risk of poverty
New report shows women with caring responsibilities at greater risk of poverty before COVID-19 and highlights risks
Extend JobKeeper & JobSeeker to ensure nobody is left behind
GAD 2025 Strategy – building on our strengths
Historic Immigration Bill returns to Parliament
New study reveals most Europeans support basic income after COVID-19
Treasurer states we need a decent social security safety net
Support needed for those made redundant on working visas
Poll shows majority support permanent JobSeeker fix
View this email in your browser Monday, May 4, 2020 SSI calls out discriminatory visa approach
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks in a Presidential Recognition Ceremony: Hard Work, Heroism, and Hope
Senate Committee finds we must permanently increase income support
National Seniors welcomes new deeming rates
Great Depression demonstrated indispensable role of government, says Stanford scholar
ACOSS recovery proposals for job creation and poverty reduction
Web of psychological cues may tempt people to reveal more online
Victoria’s First Aboriginal Member Appointed To VCAT
Children with access to SNAP fair better as adults
Politician and executive wage freeze
Government’s early access to super scheme could be weighed down by ineligible claims, polling suggests
COVID-19 unemployment report shows why we must fix our approach to helping people locked out of paid work
BHP establishes a US$25 million fund to aid contractor companies in Chile
Austrade regional market update on impact of COVID-19
New website answers Michiganders’ questions about federal stimulus checks
Stimulus checks might not reach those who need them most
Historic JobKeeper scheme delivers huge relief to millions at risk of losing paid work
State Government Wage Freeze
Greater support needed for working families as COVID-19 takes hold – UNICEF and ILO
People dependent on Carer Payment also need Coronavirus Supplement
Government must cancel robodebts and boost Centrelink staffing
Supporting sole traders through effects of Coronavirus