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Want to Live Longer? Find Out if You Snore
Women over 50 who snore face an elevated risk of sleep apnea
Researchers develop new evolutionary approach for identifying proteins that functionally interact
New Collaborations between Tel Aviv University and Leading Turkish Universities
Reforming coral reefs using 3D printing
Ultimate Solution to Global Warming?
Tel Aviv University Launches Manufacturing Research Center in India
Tel Aviv University Nanodrug Enables 2-in-1 Attack on Cancer
Nanodrug that attacks cancer twice single nanoparticle does two jobs
Strengthening Local Leadership in Israel
With new industry, new era for cities
Researchers Identified Serious Security Flaw in Samsung’s Galaxy
Minor Head Injury Leads to Chronic Post-Concussion Syndrome in 1 of 4 Children
Tel Aviv University Technology Could Prevent Repeat Heart Valve Surgery
Antibodies Fight Cancer Too
Microbial cooperation leads to drug tolerance
Unravelling Recycling Practices from 500,000 Years Ago
Want Respect in Workplace? Drop Smileys
From War in Ukraine to Studies at Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University Special Briefing: Crisis in Ukraine
For first time, new quantum technology demonstrates capabilities that may enable detection of ultralight dark matter
Investment in social funds leads to reduction in charitable donations
AI Week 2022 Draws over 5,000
To Slow Cancer, Close Cells’ Tunnels
Possible paradigm shift within piezoelectricity
Big-data tracking technologies can uncover wildlife secrets and reduce their conflicts with humans
Can Higher Temperatures Accelerate Rate of Evolution?
In world-first, Tel Aviv University researchers engineer human spinal cord implants for treating paralysis
Link between electrical voltage and brain flexibility new study by Tel Aviv university found, for first time
Due to poor sanitary conditions, Jerusalem elite suffered from infectious disease
Transforming “undone science” into “done science”
Breakthrough Tel Aviv University Discovery Key to Reversing ALS
Scientists from Tel Aviv University identified biological mechanism causing nerve destruction
Experimental compound, which has received orphan drug and pediatric rare disease designations from FDA
State-of-the-art technology will allow physicians to identify patients who are
How structural biology helps to make RNA vaccines
Coexistence – Israel’s Inevitable Faith
Vortex in Nanometric Teacup
New £12m research centre for inclusive trade policy
Human challenge study to lay foundations for vaccine development for neglected tropical disease
Autism diagnosis by 2.5 years of age leads to dramatic improvements in social symptoms as compared to those diagnosed later
Alleviating vascular dysfunction & amyloid burden in Alzheimer’s
Scientists have succeeded in identifying proteins in coronavirus that can damage blood vessels
Wiley Expands Its Reach Globally to Deliver Career-Connected Education
Brain circuitry for both positive and negative “valence” affected by trauma
Quarks and antiquarks at high momentum shake foundations of visible matter
Seahorses – Slow, but Fierce
Understanding hearing loss from noise damage through gene expression changes