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Democracy sausages support local schools
Flood risk reduction with multiple benefits: more space for river
New projects to improve safety for freight operators
ADA member spotlight: Meet Dr. Susan Wise
Preclinical study illuminates origin of epileptic seizures
Whole-brain preclinical study illuminates how epileptic seizures originate
New UW-Led Report Maps More Big-Game Migrations in West
First Large-Scale Study of Covid-Era Birth Data Finds Significant Drop in Premature Cesarian, Induced Deliveries
Newborn cells in epileptic brain provide potential target for treatment
HIV drug stabilizes disease progression in metastatic colorectal cancer
Materials – Self-sanitizing N95 masks
Optoacoustics for high-precision neuromodulation
Citizen Divers Aid Understanding of Fish in Salish Sea
Scientists map human sensory neurons, pursue chronic pain cure
Handheld surgical robot can help stem fatal blood loss
ILR’s Kheel Center names Strassberg Grant winners
Study examines accuracy of arrest data in FBI’s NIBRS crime database
Baylor researchers elected 2021 AAAS Fellows
Urban bacteria are diverse group
Nominations Sent to Senate 20 January
Isla and Oliver top list for baby names in 2021
Protective gene variant against Covid identified
Construction starts on John Peterson Bridge replacement
New Graft Strategy May Improve Outcomes for Blood Stem Cell Recipients
Pa. pre-COVID jobs picture marked by resilience, industry-specific gains, losses
Iodine in desert dust destroys ozone
Miller receives John S. Foster Jr. Medal in honor of decades of iconic service
Police appeal to locate man missing from Camperdown
Mathematicians derive formulas for boundary layer turbulence 100 years after phenomenon was first formulated
Physicist and engineer Theodore “Ted” H. Geballe has died
Biased tech could determine who gets life saving therapy
COVID stimulus projects delivering better local infrastructure for Canberrans
Seven ORNL technologies win R&D 100 research awards
Third person charged over theft of livestock trailers – Monaro
Patients’ referral to primary care after Covid hospitalization varied widely during pandemic
When ‘good’ cells go ‘bad’
Researchers Find Golf Carts Injure More than 6,500 Children Annually
‘Mini psyches’ give insights into mysterious metal-rich near-earth asteroids
Images showing costs of smoking will save over half million lives
Graphic warning labels on cigarettes could have prevented hundreds of thousands of deaths
Researcher Investigating Right Hemisphere’s Role in Speech Perception
Researchers recognised as leaders of innovation
New Way to Pull Lithium from Water Could Increase Supply, Efficiency
Scientists Create Artificial Cells That Mimic Living Cells’ Ability to Capture, Process, and Expel Material
New blueprint to deliver improved maternity services for Theodore
Platelet-rich plasma treatment shows efficacy for osteoarthritis
Airman brings industry experience to EITaaS mission
Data and artificial intelligence technologies take on infectious disease outbreaks