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First genetic evidence of in-flight COVID-19 transmission
New vaccine strategy harnesses ‘foot soldier’ T-cells to provide protection against influenza
Researchers uncover early results about an existing tuberculosis vaccine that has been hypothesized to help against
New high-speed test shows how antibiotics combine to kill bacteria
Making tuberculosis more susceptible to antibiotics
Singapore start-up plans clinical trial of a single daily pill replacing multiple pills for Parkinson’s disease
New findings on function of Mitofusin 2 in bacterial infection and inflammation processes
Novel drug could be a powerful weapon in fight against malaria and toxoplasmosis
2020 badger control licences published
Three research teams earn Dunn Awards
In WHO global pulse survey, 90% of countries report disruptions to essential health services since COVID-19 pandemic
£500,000 funding for innovative research to diagnose TB in cattle faster
Tall Poppies investigate TB, reef fish and coastal communities
Mathematicians describe interplay between COVID transmission and air circulation
Nasal vaccine against COVID-19 prevents infection in mice
Real-time data for a better response to disease outbreaks
Families are restricted from visiting hospitalized loved ones. What does this mean for at-home care
Designed bacteria produce coral-antibiotic
Architecture of health: modern lessons from medical buildings of past
Talented 12: Chemical & Engineering News announces its 2020 rising stars in chemistry
Remains of 17th Century Bishop Support Neolithic Emergence of Tuberculosis
Scientists find strong evidence that wasting syndrome is same for all organisms
Penn Medicine-Led Research Suggests Greater Access to Specific HIV and Tuberculosis Medications is Needed Worldwide
African Voices – UNESCO’s indigenous partner in Africa
New UK science funding to support Kenya’s coronavirus response
MIT-Wits Program continues to thrive
Enemy within: safeguarding against spread of intracellular bacteria
Combating COVID impact on malaria programs
Compounds show promise in search for tuberculosis antibiotics
Scientists find new way to kill tuberculosis
Streamlined diagnostic approach to COVID-19 can avoid potential testing logjam
Liverpool scientists receive UK aid to save lives from deadly diseases
Wider repercussions for COVID focus
Eight things you need to know about worldwide hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine
New cell profiling method could speed TB drug discovery
Green light for ground-breaking bovine TB vaccine field trials
Phone-based HIV support system repurposed for COVID-19 monitoring in Uganda
UBCO researchers team up with industry partner to clear air
MIT team collaborates with 3M to develop rapid Covid-19 test
Genetic ‘fingerprints’ of first COVID-19 cases help manage pandemic
Aerosol transmission may spread COVID-19
WHO: access to HIV medicines severely impacted by COVID-19 as AIDS response stalls
Researchers test tuberculosis vaccine combination for COVID-19
Effort to screen potential COVID-19 antiviral drugs underway
Treating Fear With TB Medication, UT Clinicians’ Tailored Approach
Funding boost to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis in Indo-Pacific
Funding boost to fight tuberculosis in Indo-Pacific
‘Harmless’ bacteria turning deadly