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Why of silent X
Identifying new drug targets for inflammatory autoimmune diseases
Novel biomaterial prevents rejection of transplants for type 1 diabetes
Modifying body’s immune system to help treat Type 1 diabetes
Modifying body’s immune system treat Type 1 diabetes
Biomaterial improves islet transplants for treatment of type 1 diabetes
Cambridge recognised once again as Leader in Openness around animal research
B.C. researchers launching clinical trial for first genetically engineered stem cell-based therapy for type 1 diabetes
NIH should create an Office of Autoimmune Disease Research, says new report
Glycemic index may be counterproductive to helping Americans adopt healthier diets
Entrepreneurs compete for better future at Tech Tournament
JDRF Recognizes Mount Sinai’s Contribution to Diabetes Research and Patient Care
Childhood obesity increases risk of Type 1 diabetes
Parental type 1 diabetes can affect children’s cognitive development
Controlling blood sugar may improve response to exercise training
Data researchers use health informatics and artificial intelligence in Type 1 diabetes study
Type 1 Diabetes community call for funding for an insulin pump that has already been promised and approved by government
Most infants on WIC don’t get enough vitamin D
Securing future of Australia’s world class healthcare system
Lung cancer patients with genetic variant linked to autoimmune disease may respond better to immunotherapy
An immune ‘fingerprint’ finds path for better treatment of autoimmune diseases
Scientists use RNA to target pancreatic beta cells
Social determinants of health affect care for people with congenital heart disease
Black people with diabetes disproportionately affected by diabetic ketoacidosis during COVID
Study finds onset of type 1 diabetes more prevalent in adults than formerly believed
High blood sugar and suPAR levels independently worsen Covid outcomes
Expectant fathers may also need some help with their bellies
Positive impacts of Flash blood glucose monitoring on blood sugar and quality of life
Low Psychological resilience predicts future high blood sugars in type 1 diabetes
Nanomaterial that may improve insulin’s effects on nervous system
Declining death rates in people with type 1 diabetes
Kids with complex conditions often lack adequate in-network care
Harnessing power of AI to advance knowledge of Type 1 diabetes
Covid mapper finds symptom variation between countries and health status in 2020
Covid mapper reveals symptom variation between countries and health status
Exercise may treat long COVID-induced diabetes, depression
Long-running study leads to potential therapeutic target for people with type 1 diabetes
Diabetes advocates urge better access to latest technology
Research aims to help women with Type 1 diabetes live longer, healthier lives
Building next generation of science leaders
Researchers produce fully functional pancreatic beta cells from stem cells for first time
Scientists produce fully functional pancreatic beta cells from stem cells for first time
Boosting function and survival of stem cell-derived pancreatic cells by genetic engineering
An oral medication reveals benefits treating Type 1 diabetes for at least two years after diagnosis
Scientists develop “auditing” tool to improve reliability of studies that explore relationships
Penn Study Uncovers How Pancreatic Cells Reprogram Themselves to Limit Immune Response in Patients
New way viruses trigger autoimmunity discovered
SARS-CoV-2 Infection Likely Not Associated With Increased Risk of New-Onset Diabetes