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University of Alberta pharmaceutical institute leads effort to fill looming hospital drug shortage
Power of partnership propels community network that helps get healthy food to families in need
Deena Hinshaw: making of an unlikely folk hero
WISEST wins recognition for breaking barriers
Video seminars a healthy source of information for seniors during COVID-19 pandemic
Ancient reptile had mammal-like tooth enamel, study shows
Cancer drug developed at University of Alberta funded for human trials
Experiences in early adolescence determine how birds build their first nest: study
Climate change could cause decline of some alpine butterfly species
Why COVID-19 loneliness can be especially hard on teens
Researchers aim to find out whether AI-enhanced robots can ease pain for kids in hospital
Nest-building style reflects birds’ early experience
Cancer researchers find more effective way to deliver promising breast cancer treatment
Six things you need to know about science behind wearing a homemade mask
Impacts of research shut-down to be felt long after pandemic ends scientists warn
What you need to know about managing chronic medical conditions during COVID-19 pandemic
Labelling farmed animals ‘workers’ unlikely to improve their prospects for justice
Scientist searches for drug to prevent novel coronavirus from replicating
Biography – Jane Halford
New research aims to find out how different ways of communicating during pandemic affect our health and well-being
Non-invasive imaging technique could reduce need for repeat cancer surgeries
How COVID-19 overwhelmed Canada’s long-term care system
Recently developed remote medical assessment tool could help flatten COVID-19 curve
Door levers and handrails made of compressed salt could be effective against viruses such as COVID-19
Economists see COVID-19 as global problem in our backyard
How families can cope with pandemic stress
How to know if your pandemic drinking is getting out of hand, and what to do about it
Five tips to create a healthy workspace at home
Australian educators’ perspectives on children, digital technology, health and learning
Behind scenes at Alberta’s COVID-19 testing laboratories
University of Alberta spinoff company searches for antiviral compounds to treat COVID-19
Researcher studying physicians’ health before, during and after COVID-19 crisis
University of Alberta virology lab finds drug originally meant for Ebola is effective against a
Canadian researchers launch clinical trial testing effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine for treating
How much do I need to clean at home?
What we’ve learned from Spanish flu-and what we haven’t
Scientist develops interactive tool for mapping COVID-19 spread
How to help seniors feel less isolated during COVID-19 pandemic
How to cope with headline stress
How music comforts us in troubling times
Glen Sather Clinic provides virtual face-to-face physiotherapy amid COVID-19
Antiviral used to treat cat coronavirus could hold key to COVID-19
New drug could potentially offer better treatment for chronic heart failure
University of Alberta Butterdome to house AHS assessment and treatment centre
How to know if isolation is affecting your mental health, and what to do about it
Hoarding ‘cycle of hysteria’ putting unnecessary strain on supply chain
Edmonton company Entos developing DNA vaccine against COVID-19
How to help your kids-and yourself-handle being at home