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Smoke from wildfires ages in atmosphere
One-sport high school athletes prone to injury, burnout
Study shows resilience of early coastal communities
Improving Georgia land conservation through algorithms
Most infants on WIC don’t get enough vitamin D
Highly contagious virus confirmed in three Georgia bald eagles
UGA team develops faster, cheaper COVID tests
Turkey season changes aim to stabilize wildlife populations
Chatbots deployed in response to Covid pandemic
What is secret to happiness?
Plastic bag bans may drive other bag sales
Researchers protecting solar technologies from cyberattack
Precision conservation saves time, money – and species
Russian invasion at Chernobyl puts future research in limbo
Active video games provide alternative workout
Covid pandemic fueled massive growth in green industry
How you think about money affects what you do with it
Parade: What are Joro spiders?
Does daylight saving time affect marathon runners?
Physical activity may protect your brain as you age
Joro spiders likely to spread beyond Georgia
Fungal infections cost U.S. $6.7B in year
Researchers discover when pollen comes of age
Learning in lab can continue at distance
Archaeology Lab preserves Puerto Rican history
Defense treaties affect support of military action
Age plays role in flower purchases
Agricultural fungicides may be driving resistance
‘Smart’ greenhouses could slash electricity costs
Geography affects mental health care
Peanut researchers create disease-resistant hybrids
Pandemic family stress leads to sleep problems for boys
Gene discovered in Georgia water possible global threat
Sports teams instill sense of hope during pandemic
Declines in deer population may point to larger issues
Leveraging social media during disaster
Risk vs. reward: How towns care for trees varies
Parasitic worms in dogs, cats may jump into people
Mountain spring water isn’t as clean as you think it is
Researchers help Miami fight plastic pollution
Words matter most when responding to crisis
UGA research offers insight into cancer progression
Overweight children are developing heart complications
Childhood trauma increases risk of opioid abuse
Coping with schizophrenia, when emotions can be too much
Severe COVID could reduce male fertility
Terrain, weather can predict wild pig movements
Researchers work to improve pecan shelling process