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Pandemic Hits Vulnerable Neighborhoods Hard Into 2nd Year
Sleep Loss Influences Link Between Impulsivity and Mature-Rated Media Use in Youth
Genetic Change Boosted Severity of Bird Flu During US Spread
Understanding how couples integrate finances
Researcher Awarded $3.2M to Study Child Brain Development
Deadly Virus Structures Offer New Avenues for Vaccine Design
Changing way we diagnose and treat schizophrenia
Vaccine hesitancy persists among parents
Researchers create antimicrobial ‘superfoam’
Deep South, Southwest plagued by play deserts
‘Play deserts’ common throughout Deep South, Southwest
Joro Spiders: Shy, Not Scary
Joro spiders aren’t scary. They’re shy
New Insights into Natural Product Biosynthesis from Single Plant Cell Analysis
Magnetic Gear Tech Firm Wins 2023 Rice Business Plan Contest
Agriculture project wins $1M NSF development award
1 in 6 High School Students Hope for Bachelors Degree, But Dont Expect to Get One
Indo-Pacific Corals Show Higher Resilience to Climate Change than Atlantic Corals
Applying blockchain to digital advertising
Researchers create antimicrobial ‘superfoam’
US Ambassador to Speak at ECOWAS Conference on Human Trafficking
UGA researchers discover new planet outside solar system
Indiana University names vice president for research
Zeroing in on Parkinson’s
UCR Team Develops Quantum Composites for Electrical and Optical Innovations
One in five suicides involved intimate partner problems
Key to Supporting Change: Understanding Community’s Shared Vision for Public Health
Study offers insights into movement of wild pigs
Postpartum Opioid Prescriptions Compared Before and During Pandemic
Postpartum Women Filled More Opioid Prescriptions During Pandemic
Leaders Convene to End Plastic Pollution Loop in US
Dominating over junk food on social media
Ending THC Use May Reverse Negative Impacts on Male Fertility
Research Shows Ending THC Use Reverses Male Fertility Impacts
Artificial intelligence could reduce barriers to TB care
How Margaret Rossiter uncovered hidden women of science
Plants Adapt to Climate Change to Attract Pollinators
Patients Benefit from Easier-to-Read Prescription Labels
People don’t know what preprint is. Here’s why that matters
Committee Outlines Plan to Control Invasive Species
Whistleblowers losing faith in media impact
Harmful coping methods prevalent among those who self-injure
Making your food safer one study at time
Ancient Mexican Cities Last Longer with Collective Governance, Investment
Fewer Bald Eagles Fledged Due to Avian Flu
Fewer Bald Eagle Chicks Due to Avian Flu
Protective Parenting Aids Adult Health: Study
Researchers advance knowledge on debilitating genetic disease