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When quantum particles fly like bees
Quantum systems and flight of bee
Collaborators from Harvard University and QuEra Computing observe quantum speed-up in optimization problems
New method may help clear hurdle to large-scale quantum computing
Glimpse inside graphene sandwich
Researchers awarded three ERC Advanced Grants
Sustainable concept for wood-based textile fibres
Microcavities as sensor platform
Advice to prevent consequences of interference in cardiac device patients published today
Missing building block for quantum optimization developed
Quantum sensors: Measuring even more precisely
Physicist shed light on darkness
Cervical samples could reveal risk of breast and ovarian cancer
New test could detect breast and ovarian cancer from cervical screening samples
Climate change threatens future Winter Olympics
Swaying mountains
Helium bath splash
Scripps Research and collaborators find new target for universal influenza vaccine
How Matterhorn sways
Swaying mountains
New class of galactic nebulae discovered
Lanthanoids offer great potential
How Retail Cart Design Affects Buying Behavior
Evolution happens faster than expected
Collapse of ancient Liangzhu culture caused by climate change
Deep look into Huntington’s brain aggregates
Ultrastructure of huntingtin inclusions revealed
Covid impacts prosocial behaviour negatively
Projection of extreme rainfall improved
Back Pain Common Among Astronauts Offers Treatment Insights for Earth-Bound
Levitated particles take off
Donation experiment: Covid only slightly displaces other concerns
Researchers find way to check that quantum computers return accurate answers
Implantable cardiac monitors predict complications in selected post-infarction patients
Study links metabolic syndrome to poor health outcomes in adults with kidney disease
Research links metabolic syndrome to poor health outcomes in adults with kidney disease
Capturing electrons in space
Ethical and legal challenges in use of artificial intelligence in biomedicine
Preserving knowledge and keeping up links
Himalayas: water resources under threat
Machine learning helps in predicting when immunotherapy will be effective
Compact quantum computers for server centers
Compact quantum computer for server centers
Combining classical and quantum computing opens door to new discoveries
Insulators turn up heat on quantum bits
EM forecast sees France as favorite
International and digital
UEFA EURO forecast: France will be European Champion