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Project Improving Alpine Hut Sustainability Successful
Atmosphere: Sulphur takes new paths
University of Vienna Awarded Cluster of Excellence on Planetary Health
Three Clusters of Excellence in Innsbruck
Certain Bugs Thriving in Urbanization, Impacting Insect Diversity
Two-dimensional quantum freeze
Quantum Chemistry: Molecules caught tunneling
Quantum Molecules Found Tunnelling: Chemistry Breakthrough
Studies showcase long-term effects of drought
Early Brain Surgery Found in Ancient Near East: Archaeologists
High-performance computer with quantum coprocessor
Tracing origin of life
Graphic Artist Nosyk Brings Science to Life with Zoological Illustrations
Detective work at sea: whale research via environmental DNA
Entangled atoms across Innsbruck quantum network
Randomness in Quantum Machines Helps Verify Their Accuracy
Quantum Video Reel
Underlying assumptions of air quality need to be redefined
Air Quality Assumptions Must Be Revisited
Blast Chiller for Quantum World
Physicists Stretch Uncertainty Principle with Entanglement
New techniques for accurate measurements of tiny objects
Capturing Electrons in Space
Precipitation caused maximum advance of Alpine Glaciers
Covid impacts prosocial behaviour negatively 11 January
Social proximity in friendships has strong effect on emotions
Digital information platform for refugees
Collaboratively creative
Heat and cold as health hazards
‘Cocktail’ vaccines could offer increased protection against future Covid variants of concern
Insulators turn up heat on quantum bits 4 December
Contradictory effect of earthquakes on submarine slopes
Leveraging Ethics to Make Quantum Research Sustainable
Rainer Blatt Named 2023 Herbert Walther Award Recipient
Statistics: Brazil is clear favourite going into FIFA World Cup
When star bares all
Understanding interrelationships correctly 8 November
Method to characterize large quantum computers
Ultra-cold mini twisters
New form of universal quantum computers
For first time in six years, FiO LS 2022 returns to Rochester
New cervical screening test could predict cell changes years before they occur
Projection of extreme rainfall improved 20 October
Announcing ‘Quantum 2022’ – international online workshop taking place on 22 and 23 October
Build advanced European quantum internet ecosystem
First diode for magnetic fields
Prominent researchers’ work gets published more easily
Migration as morality politics