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Report: UK Recycling System Needs Dramatic Overhaul
New study finds hearing loss is going untreated
Over 50s: 40% fail to report hearing loss
Moon Holds Newly Discovered Water Reservoir
Moon holds new water reservoir, scientists discover
Manc Accent Feature Disappearing, Except in North Manchester
Manchester School of Architecture ranked 5th in world
Scotland: GP Pay Reform Linked to Care Quality Decline
End GP Performance Pay: Decline in Care Quality in Scotland
University of Manchester Start-ups in European Top Tech List
AI Aids Manchester Scientists in Comprehending CHD
UK Firms Prefer Manchester Uni for Recruiting Graduates
“University AUKUS” to drive skills and jobs
Gov’t Funds Innovations in GM: Materials, Health, AI
GM Secures Millions to Improve Disease Treatment, Save Lives
University publishes endowment investments climate report
Schoolkids Tackle Animal Research for British Science Week
UK Gov Pledges £3.5bn for Tech & Science Future
Scientists Create Cosmic Concrete Twice as Strong as Regular
MRC Prize for Improving Relevance of Clinical Trials
Scientists Closer to Targeted Real-Time Hypoxic Cancer Treatment
Long Covid Drug Target: Immune Cell Malfunction Identified
Nanorippled graphene becomes catalyst
Uni of Manchester Helps Western Kenya with Healthcare
Study aims to research genetic therapies for Alport syndrome
Manchester academic wins tech award
Charles Crufts Preferred Breed Originated in St. Johns Wood, Not St. Bernard Pass
£5.5m Technical Institute to Boost UK’s Innovation Bid
Women’s trailblazer wins government funding
£5.5M Institute to Boost UK’s Global Research Bid
Money management support for older people varies greatly
Assessing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, after year of war
Manchester Volunteers Needed for Dementia Pollution Study
Promising Graphene Quantum Dots as Magnetic Field Sensors
NHS programme linked to 20% reduction in risk of Diabetes
Talking therapy trial for adults at risk of self-harm launches
AI & Digital Healthcare Tech Framework Launched
Research captures and separates important toxic air pollutant
Astronomers measure heartbeat of spinning stars
Imperial College London Honors Ukraine Invasion Victims on 1st Anniv
Gene Therapy Trial for ‘Childhood Dementia’ Showing Promise
MPs’ Corporate Network Influence on Parliamentary Work
Animals’ ‘sixth sense’ more widespread than previously thought
Urban Areas Linked to Worse Hay Fever Symptoms: Report
Department for Business and Trade appoints new Chief Scientific Adviser
Manchester ‘Excellent’ by UNESCO as Creative City of Lit
Ethnic Inequality Driven by Higher Covid Infection Risk: Study
Giant Dinosaur Footprint Found in Yorkshire, Biggest Meat-Eater Yet