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£6 million grant for particle physics research
University of Manchester festival to set agenda for sustainability research
Nuclear fuel alternatives after Fukushima have challenges ahead
Some complementary and alternative therapies to treat colic show promise
ID Manchester partner selection process progresses to second stage
Universe isn’t flat – it’s curved
Playing catch-up: how latecomer economies joined digital race
Tiny transporters could deliver treatment to stroke patients
New assessment could identify risks of frailty
Forming global links to remember fallen of Manchester
Ancient bone protein reveals which turtles were on menu in Florida, Caribbean
‘Like a fitbit in your heart’ – remote pacemaker study to help cardiac patients avoid hospital admissions
Annual Social Sciences Festival returns to venues across Manchester
Astronomers discover ghosts of supernovas in nearby galaxy
Researchers discover new genetic brain disease
Ancient graves to give up their secrets on Halloween
New figures show Psoriasis affects around 1.1 million people in UK
How to rig an election: Twitter’s problem with political saboteurs
Multimillion pound research institute for health to open in Manchester
English Football League announces groundbreaking policing project
Cloudy with a Chance of Pain? smartphone study shows pain more likely on humid, windy days
Building blocks of all life gain new understanding
Magma crystallisation makes volcanoes more explosive
Multimillion pound boost for Manchester scientists to detect cancer earlier
First of its kind ‘clean air for schools’ programme launched in Greater Manchester
Transforming sulphur dioxide from harmful to useful
Breakthrough for biofuels that could be made from seawater rather than crude oil
Manchester launches UK-China Diplomatic Dialogue
Scientists link hormone production in baby wallabies to how some human girls are born with genitalia that appear more male…
Activity trackers can be useful tools in managing diabetes
Tackling impact of racism is key to reducing mental health inequalities
British electorate ‘most volatile in modern times’, new study finds
Research developing sensors for ‘worm robots’ to be used after disasters
Improved treatments for diseases such as osteoarthritis step closer thanks to new multimillion funding
New Director for Manchester Institute of Biotechnology
Researchers call for formation of a ‘Multilingual Cities Movement’
Clean Development Mechanism will not solve our waste problem
New report highlights widespread inequalities in Greater Manchester town
Climate researchers launch online tool to help local governments set carbon targets
BLOG: Manchester’s fashion ascent – and elephant in room
£2m invested in tackling air pollution in Greater Manchester
Why are Local Authorities going against UK Government on fracking?
Ancient Egyptian mummies travel to Manchester for health check-up
Why businesses underestimate need to adapt to extreme climate events
Gene mutation discovery sheds light on organ failure affecting babies
International competition launched to find partner for ID Manchester
Scientists discover new breakthrough in cancer hair loss treatment
EU recognises Manchester academic as an ‘ordinary hero’