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Ageism and health: Study shows close link
Warming climate decreases microbial diversity
Next-generation weather models cross divide to real-world impact
New paper examines ethical challenges in microbiome research
OU Receives Major Gift From McCasland Foundation to Enhance Oklahoma’s Engineering Workforce Needs
Physicists develop ideal testing conditions of solar cells for space applications
OU Day at Capitol
New climate modeling predicts increasing occurrences of flash flooding across most of U.S
More than $10M in research grants awarded to study long COVID impact on CVD health
OU Marks Giving Day With $1.4 Million Gift From McMahon Foundation
Reversing resistance to PD-1 inhibitors with combination immunotherapy in patients with advanced melanoma
Ancient DNA confirms marine mammal tuberculosis strains were found in inland people
Study shows treating preexisting high BP in pregnancy improves outcomes
Study Shows Treating Preexisting High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Improves Maternal, Fetal Outcomes
T. rex’s short arms may have lowered risk of bites during feeding frenzies
Three-Time Pulitzer Prize Winner and New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman to Speak at OU
OU Names New Associate Vice President of Tribal Relations
Building powerful brand alliances among seemingly unlikely partners
Research explores disparities in air pollution affecting American Indian communities
American Indian communities are less likely to benefit from recent downward trends in air pollution exposures in US
Taste, temperature and pain sensations are neurologically linked
OU to Support Tri-State Hydrogen Hub
Ancient DNA confirms TB strains linked to marine mammals also in inland peoples
OU Board of Regents Elects New Officers
OU to Meet Oklahoma’s Workforce Needs by Nearly Doubling Nursing Class Sizes
Swinburne hosts record number of new gen thinkers
290 million new city dwellers benefit China’s climate balance
His brother had traumatic brain injury. Now, his mission is to research new treatments
Online Tool Helps Ovarian Cancer Patients Feel More in Control of Symptoms
Sowing pollinator habitat seeds that grow where they’re planted
Microwave data assimilation improves forecasts of hurricane intensity, rainfall
University of Oklahoma Lands in Top 7.9% among Research Universities Nationwide
OU engineers build molecular framework to bridge experimental and computer sciences for peptide-based materials engineering
Weight loss before fertility treatment may not increase births for obese women
IDIRECT network framework developed at University of Oklahoma could help scientists better understand biological systems
Scientists use artificial intelligence to guide search for next SARS-like virus
Research uses artificial intelligence to guide search for next SARS-COV-2
Alamo Bowl opponents attempt field goal for science
Charles F. Sams III Sworn In as National Park Service Director
Researchers to Lead Public-Private Partnership Aiding Oklahoma Mothers Struggling With Substance Use Disorders
Climate Action Can Lessen Poverty and Inequality Worldwide
Can’t find your keys? You need chickadee brain
Research examines global distribution, trends and drivers of flash droughts
Artificial intelligence to detect colorectal cancer
Satellite images show positive impact of conservation efforts for China’s coastal wetlands
People may prefer climate change policies that give incentives, find energy alternatives
ORNL to partner with University of Oklahoma
Researchers contribute to study on possible alternative treatment for Lyme disease