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ChatGPT Paper Demonstrates AI in Academia Opportunities, Challenges
Paper Explores AI’s Academic Potential, Challenges
Hacker Takes Over Ship: What to Do?
Report: Plastic Threat to Human, Planetary Health
Mapping Iraq War’s Impact on Lives
Scientists call for global push to eliminate space debris
Global push urged to eliminate space junk
Natural England board gets three new appointees
Scientists use tagging to identify habitats of Channel’s key fish
Tailored support and exercise don’t help reluctant quitters
Plastic Pollution Signs Go Live in Plymouth
Nature Restoration Helps Communities, Coastlines Fight Climate Change
Ukraine Delegation Visits Plymouth for Long-Term Talks
Project Explores Digital Tech for Inclusion in Devon, Cornwall
Tidal stream power can significantly enhance energy security
Creating unique experience for artists and listeners
Pheasants at risk on unfamiliar ground, study finds
Pheasants Face Danger on Unknown Terrain
UK Investing £15.6m to Boost Maritime Innovation at Appledore Uni
AI Could Help Ensure Safer Prescribing for People with ID and Epilepsy
Scientists use Navy data to assess stability of underwater volcanoes
Research gives insights into 17th century life in Plymouth
Message in Bottle: Writing Sparks Kids’ Interest in Nature
Simulator transforms research into marine and maritime installations
Oral health for people with disabilities: no one should be left behind
University awarded £1.6 million to support sustainable fishing of critical species
£3.5m for sustainable fishing projects: New funding round opens
Global ocean experts urge COP15 policymakers to support research to find, catalog and protect disappearing deep-sea species
Plymouth and South Devon Freeport given green light
£490 million skills training boost to help get more people into jobs
Research finds potential link between oral bacteria and brain abscesses
University spinout completes trial of Lassa fever vaccine
Striking mural tells story of University’s net-zero ambitions
Centuries of separation – project explores how isolation and loneliness has been experienced throughout history
Ceremony held at University’s new home for engineering and design excellence
Expansion enables more to benefit from access to electron microscopy
Study demonstrates how microplastic particles differ across Atlantic Ocean
Project aims to advance knowledge around environmental impacts of nuclear industry
University hosts activities for World Antimicrobial Awareness Week
Winchcombe meteorite holds information about origin of Earth’s oceans
Research investigates how to reduce male violence against women and girls
University expands training facility to help meet demand for more dental professionals
University and health trust unite to boost medical innovation and patient care
New experimental treatment can stop growth of schwannoma tumours
Cyber-SHIP Lab holds second Annual Symposium
Project aims to give pupils insight into life of researcher
£1.2m invested in new underwater communications network
University hosts South West MPs to discuss dental access crisis