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Study recommends widening visibility of supply chain network for customers and suppliers
USF tech helping combat malaria and other tropical diseases across world
Research challenges stereotypes surrounding mental illness
Researchers uncover misnomer in mental illness recovery
Professors Charles Nichols, PhD and Peter Hendricks, PhD Appointed Co-Editors-in-Chief of Psychedelic Medicine
USF-invented software tool implemented around world to improve real-time transit data
UTA recognizes academic inventors
Research reveals top reviews, not average ratings, sway consumer decision-making
Florida’s state shell at higher risk of extinction than previously thought
People can recover and thrive after mental illness and substance-use disorders
MHLP researcher receives $1.3 million to break cycle of intergenerational addiction
USF opens new innovation facility aimed at growing Tampa Bay’s economy
Patient-Centered Intervention Improved Asthma Outcomes for Black and Latinx Adults
Targeting dysregulated kappa-opioid receptors reduces working memory deficits in alcohol use disorder
Snail competition leads to fewer parasites that cause schistosomiasis
Metasurface-Based Antenna Turns Ambient Radio Waves into Electric Power
Patient-Centered Intervention Improved Asthma Outcomes for Black and Latinx Adults
Researchers explore why childhood and adolescent suicides are serious threat in Florida
Scientists identify protein complex critical in helping control cell death
Researchers discover 45 unmarked cemeteries throughout Tampa Bay
Antarctic ice’s deep past shows it could be more vulnerable to warming
Poor sleep can triple risk for heart disease
USF joins competitive military network to address key cybersecurity challenges
Researchers find new way to amplify trustworthy news content on social media without shielding bias
Perceived fragile masculinity stifles sexual satisfaction and honest communication
Physicians, anthropologists and marine biologists start at soil in launch of program to address nature’s impact on human health
Powerful Sandia machine-learning model shows diamond melting at high pressure
Radar satellites allow researchers to pinpoint where sinkholes are happening
Study finds Rwandan genocide chemically modified DNA of victims and victims’ offspring
In memoriam: Deborah Nickerson, genome pioneer
Swerving prevention method prompts new patent for USF engineers
Within an Antarctic sea squirt, scientists discover bacterial species with promising anti-melanoma properties
Spin Mixing in Ferromagnets Revealed
Physicists selected as finalists for ‘Nobel Prize of supercomputing’
Tech business owners credit USF talent pipeline for decision to expand and relocate to Tampa Bay
Research Snapshot: Covid is disruptive moment older adult care industry has been waiting for
Blood plasma protein fibrinogen interacts directly with nerve cells to cause brain inflammation
Engineer s invent ultra-fast manufacturing technology
Nurses as parents exemplify link between poor sleep and daily stress
Adolescents’ experiences with police have harmful repercussions for later life outcomes
Searching for Habitable Zones Within Venus’ Clouds
Research reveals use of anger in online reviews simultaneously unhelpful but influential in purchase decisions
USF invention addresses worldwide mask shortage and pollution concerns
Natural compound in basil may protect against Alzheimer’s pathology
USF Medical Technology Startup SPKL Wins Coveted Cade Prize
Museum exhibit to feature cold case homicide victims and USF forensic anthropologists working to identify them
$1.5M Grant to Help Develop Exceptional Leaders in Math Education
U.S. President Biden Appoints Members to United Service Organizations Inc. Board of Governors