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Squatting and kneeling may be better for your health than sitting
To Stop Cancer, a Neuroscientist Studies Its Uncanny Survival Skills
New nanoparticle can sustainably convert carbon emissions into fuel
JCU researchers say g’day to USA
Repurposed antidepressant could be a new treatment for recurrent prostate cancer
Sheet Music May Be an Effective Guide For Understanding Human Brain Activity
Secondhand smoke may be fueling rise of chronic liver disease in children and adults
To save on health care, Americans are willing to make major lifestyle changes
Robot toys could help detect early signs of autism or ADHD in infants
Researchers describe recently discovered condition involving numerous gastrointestinal polyps
Death of a child is a devastatingly common experience for many African mothers
Could a drug deployed at earliest hint of Alzheimer’s stop or slow disease?
From detecting lung cancer to spotting counterfeit money, a new imaging technology could have countless uses
Teen and young adult cancer survivors find support at University of Southern California
Mental health-related ER visits are increasing among teens and young adults
For brain surgery patients who have to be readmitted, hospital choice is key
Tuning optical resonators gives researchers control over transparency
What is a hangover exactly, and what can we do to recover?
Germ warfare between bacteria and viruses is a standoff
NIH funding for University of Southern California Alzheimer’s research grew by more than 400% in 4 years
Why do birds fly differently? New University of Southern California study examines evolution of feathers
Diabetic foot wounds kill millions, but high-tech solutions and teamwork are making a difference
Saying ‘thank you’ to donors doesn’t lead to repeat donations
Can a piece of bread really cause a migraine?
Foundation that supports University of Southern California receives $260 million to fund research and teaching
Teen vapers choose mint as their favorite e-cigarette flavor
University of Southern California stem cell scientists reveal key differences in male, female kidney
Can’t stop putting your hand in candy dish? Scientists may have found why
Study implicates flavored e-cigs in teen vaping epidemic
Pregnant women and children should avoid diets high in fish, fruit
New study reveals why breast cancer spreads to brain
Discovery of ancient trees buried underwater adds new twist to carbon cycle
Kids treated in general ERs are more likely to be prescribed opioids
What Will Our World Look Like in 2050?
Breakthrough in testosterone-producing cells could lead to treatment for ‘low T’
Are testosterone-boosting supplements effective? Not likely, study says
Research into state drug pricing laws finds no improvement in transparency
What do next 20 years hold for artificial intelligence?
Pelvic pain researchers receive federal grant to continue groundbreaking study
How do humans sense sour tastes? New study solves this flavor mystery
E-cig use jumps 46% among young adults in one year
How some corals might help their offspring survive warming oceans
Researchers discover how to reprogram cells, potentially unlocking new treatments
Scientist and colleagues identify new species of giant flying reptile
Scientists propose new approach to Alzheimer’s research to address environmental risks
Tiny region of brainstem has big effects on brain aging
1 billion tons of lava spark algae bloom in North Pacific Ocean
Emotion-reading algorithms cannot predict intentions via facial expressions