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Defects in quartz crystal structure reveal origin of dust
Pre-historic Wallacea – melting pot of human genetic ancestries
Long history of European geckos
How invading pathogens switch off plant cells’ defenses
3400-year-old city emerges from Tigris River
Previously unknown crocodile species lived in Asia 39 million years ago
Unexpected differences between males and females in early mouse deer
Spectacular ceiling frescoes discovered in Temple of Khnum at Esna
Explosion on White Dwarf Observed
New president for University of Tübingen
Low-Calorie Diet Alters Gut Microbiome and Delays Immune Aging
Internal compass: modular map in brain
New genus of ancient waterfowl discovered
Solidarity with Ukraine
Microbes living under extreme conditions
Orangutans show pre-requisites for stone tool technologies
Astronomers observe rare stellar wedding
More than 18,000 pot sherds document life in ancient Egypt
Earliest ancestors worked together on hunt
How floating fern withstands rain
How Did We End Up With Proper Sniffer?
Oldest footprints of pre-humans identified in Crete
An Indian Otter in Germany
Machine learning improves biological image analysis
Two branches of plant immune response closely linked
Late Neanderthals used complex tool-making techniques
First specific drug therapy for severe early form of epilepsy
Crocodile tours – fossil Caimans in North America
Orangutans spontaneously use wooden hammers to crack nuts
Study tracks global death toll of Covid pandemic
Stone tool tells story of Neanderthal hunting
Chimpanzees have not entered stone age
Rat’s whiskers: Multidisciplinary research reveals how we sense texture
Inner beauty of hailstones
Continuous activity of small earthquakes makes mountains grow
Forest use changes life cycles of wildflowers
Analysis of ancient bones reveals Stone Age diet details
Egg in X-ray beam
Apes constantly reinvent wheel
When Wolves Became Dogs
Carpets of moss help stop erosion
Cyanobacteria could revolutionize plastic industry
Thumb dexterity helped spark development of human culture
Tübingen scientist gets awarded with Leibniz Prize
Microbes feeding on methane release arsenic into groundwater
Tooth marks and lost teeth offer insights into dinosaur feeding behavior
Ceramics uncover 3000-year-old trading network
Tübingen researchers show conscious processes in birds’ brains for first time