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UAP: SkyCAM Searches Sky
Masks Activate Corona Fear
Critical conflict in cancer cells
Sun Compass on Demand
Logistical Herculean Tasks
Highly Cited Researchers 16 November
Expansion of Ancient Near Eastern Studies
New Computer Model for Black Holes
Topological vertical cavity laser arrays
World Premiere for Virtual Laser Lab “femtoPro”
How Poxviruses Multiply
Diversity matters
Triangular Honeycombs
Safeguarding European Wild Pollinators
Deadwood in Global Carbon Cycle
Hobit Turns Immune Cells Into Killers
Woman Behind Vaccine Breakthrough
Top Position in Shanghai Ranking
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Molecular mechanisms of corona drug candidate Molnupiravir unraveled
Sensor Film for Aerospace
Running Webshop Smoothly
Qubits Under Pressure
Artificial light disrupts dung beetles’ sense of direction
Bright Lights, Bad Orientation
Jets Pose Many Riddles
Remote Control for Plants
Do I Buy or Not?
Acid Sensor Discovered in Plants
An Atlas of Bumblebee Brain
Start-stop System of Hunting Immune Cells
Location of receptors is decisive
Diagnoses with Deepflash
A new direction of topological research is ready for take off
Innovations for Quantum Computing with Topological Insulators
Physicists unveil condensation of liquid light in a semiconductor one-atom-thick
Chronic attack on aging nervous system
Better corona tests with CRISPR
Study could lead to production of more efficient optoelectronic devices
Drought-induced Mortality of Conifers
Artificial Intelligence for Space
Spin Defects Under Control
‘Animal-stress’ signal improves plant drought resilience
Plants Remember Drought
Optogenetics: Light Regulates an Enzyme
First 3D Images of a Giant Molecule
A Divided Visual Field