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Anti-bacterial liaison
Sperm hijacking as success strategy
Invasive fish: Sperm parasitism as success strategy
Neutrino Factories in Deep Outer Space
Microscopy technique enables 3D super-resolution nanometer-scale imaging
Four projects with new ideas for university teaching will be funded by “Freiraum” program
How tree extinction affects food web
Managing habitat for flowering plants may mitigate climate effects on bee health
Rendezvous at night – how moonlight fine-tunes animal reproduction
Secrets of thymus formation revealed
Potential fountain of youth for immune system
On trail of urinary tract infections
“Growing end” of inflammation discovered
Great progress thanks to mini organs
First image of an Invisible
What Grasshoppers Feed On
How Herpesviruses Awaken
Solution to perovskite solar cell scalability problems
Starting With In-Person Classes
When male bees don’t get lucky
Solution to perovskite solar cell scalability problems
Microdrones With Light-driven Nanomotors
Tulip that went wild
Cacao Tree Enigma
Infection Protection Concept Adapted
Why Sentinel Cells are so Important
Immune system ‘sentinel’ cells key to maintaining and regulating response to immunotherapy
ERC Grant for Alexander Westermann
New CRISPR Element Regulates Viral Defense
Deeper insight into bag of tricks of bacteria
Three ERC Grants for University of Würzburg
JMU Suspends Collaborations with Russia
What Makes Plants Electrically Excitable
Cancer: When viruses and bacteria cooperate
Revealing New States in 2D Materials
When viruses and bacteria cooperate
Technical Breakdown at JMU
Beetles in Climate Change
Plants Under Anaesthesia
Where Wild Honeybees Survive
Sustainable Chemistry Based on Wood
Molecular mechanism of cerebral venous thrombosis discovered
Kagome Metals Baffle Science
UAP as New Research Subject
Sponge playing in defence
Network of European universities
Creative Through Movement
Snapshots From Quantum World