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Complex Chemistry Discovered in ‘Stellar Nurseries’
How Sneaky Fungi Hide From Ants
Ants Outsmarted by Sneaky Germs: Reducing Natural Signals
Eliminating partners of cancer
New Research Network on RNA Medicine
Mutant with Counting Disability
Drones Collect Environmental Data
Flower Patterns Make Bumblebees More Efficient
Milestone for light-driven electronics
New Type of Gene Scissors
How CRISPR Protein Might Yield New Tests for Many Viruses
CRISPR Protein Could Enable Virus Detection Tests
Exercise Curbs Insulin Production
COMPASS for Highly Sensitive Rapid Tests
Preventing Collisions of Small Satellites
New Collaborative Research Centre for JMU
Protein Spheres Protect Genome of Cancer Cells
Highly Cited Researchers 2022
Quantum materials enable next-generation photonics and mobile networks in terahertz regime
Outstanding rankings for JMU
Dark Personality Traits Make People Susceptible to Fake News
Difficult key factor
Gene activity in test tube
Commander in cell’s production room
Extreme Salt Stress Triggers Leaf Movement
Strong Support for Applied Boron Research
Satellites for Missions Far From Earth
Artificial intelligence reduces 100,000-equation quantum physics problem to only four equations
Kitty Q on Prowl for Prizes
How many ants are there?
Earth harbours 20,000,000,000,000,000 ants – and they weigh more than wild birds and mammals combined
Medicine of ants
Cacao: Multiple interactions in its cultivation
Not just backup: dual specificity of UBA6
WueResearch Goes Live
New Players in Immune Response
New Target Structure Against Corona
Antiviral Effect of Plant Extracts
Optical imaging of dynamic interactions between molecules in cell
Resolution of molecular orchestra
New agents to combat dangerous pathogen
Anti-bacterial liaison
Sperm hijacking as success strategy
Invasive fish: Sperm parasitism as success strategy
Neutrino Factories in Deep Outer Space
Microscopy technique enables 3D super-resolution nanometer-scale imaging
Four projects with new ideas for university teaching will be funded by “Freiraum” program
How tree extinction affects food web