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Gene that shapes mutation rate variation found in mice
Ethicist: Crisis-care protocols should ignore patients’ age
New program works to save tiniest patients
Cilia-free stem cells offer new path to study rare diseases
UW Medicine-developed COVID vaccine effective in test
Ethicists appeal for more global Covid care model
Scientists set out to map world’s genomic diversity
Study seeks women with PTSD stemming from sexual trauma
Study boosts support for single-dose HPV vaccine regimen
Mammography decline seen among breast cancer survivors
UW Medicine to get up to $5.3M for TB research center
Gene deletion behind anomaly in blood cancer cells
Study finds patterns of handgun carrying with rural youth
Restructure unifies research and care in adult cancer center
Some hard-to-crack genome areas hold distinctly human data
2nd-generation Covid vaccine trial seeks volunteers
Brain overgrowth seen in babies who later develop autism
UW medical school ranks tops in primary care, family medicine
Getting back on track to prevent untimely deaths from NCDs
Design of protein binders from target structure alone
Ultrasonic bursts reduce kidney stones’ volume by 90%
Design of proteins binders from target structure alone
Improved cell response seen with ‘hybrid’ immunity
NIH All of Us Research Program releases genomic dataset
Kid’s sleep disrupted during pandemic, study finds
Home-based flu tests comparable to clinical testing
Harborview, Airlift Northwest study in-flight transfusion
Syringe program user survey shows ‘stunning’ fentanyl surge
Henipavirus glycoprotein structure guides therapy & vaccine
AI-designed protein awakens silenced genes, one by one
Patients with rare skin cancer face 40% recurrence rate
Airlift Northwest to open new Eastern Washington base
MRI may lower breast cancer death from variants in 3 genes
Dog Aging Project, resource for scientists in many fields
Study details changes in omicron’s spike protein
King County hospitals issue urgent call to action
Breakthrough infections spur strong antibody responses
Breakthrough COVID infections spur strong antibody responses
Tracking stress in pregnant moms, for their child’s health
Tech entrepreneurs pledge $2.5 million to Dog Aging Project
New commentary offers reforms to regulations that hindered Seattle flu study surveillance of Covid
Antibody that inhibits broad range of sarbecoviruses found
NEJM paper is compendium on rapid tests for Covid
Chronic pain study seeks enrollees for non-drug treatments
UW Medicine Newsroom’s 21 most-viewed stories in 2021
In memoriam: Deborah Nickerson, genome pioneer
Scientists identify antibodies that can neutralize omicron
Study spotlights mental toll of pandemic on health workers