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Retina ‘hardwired’ to predict path of moving objects
Study links autism to new set of rare gene variants
People with COVID-19 sought for study of test therapies
75% of sexual assault survivors have PTSD one month later
UW Medicine joins new NIH effort on rare genetic conditions
Screening often misses endometrial cancer in Black women
Vaccine ‘passports’ raise equity concerns, bioethicist says
Groundwork begins for historic cancer partnership in Seattle
Paper asks WTO to waive IP protections for vaccine makers
Epsilon variant mutations contribute to COVID immune evasion
Spatially resolved cellular model built of developing mouse
Black men should begin screening for prostate cancer at age 45
Researchers receive $122m to study monthly HIV pill
Researchers receive $122 million to study monthly HIV pill
Online toolkit aims to intervene in firearm injury, death
Gene edits quell rhythm problem from heart stem cell grafts
Community study compares COVID-19 in children and adults
‘Help is on way’ for people with psychosis
Garvey Institute gives $1.3 million to advance brain health
Kidney chip studies trek again to Space Station
Opioid-addiction medication underused in WA, study shows
CEPI funds Phase 3 trial of UW Medicine COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 mortality linked to signs easily measured at home
New test will benefit children with asymptomatic Zika
Colonoscopies should start at age 45, new guidelines say
Study: Children with autism or ADHD can mask consistently
Ballmer Group gifts $38 million to address behavioral health
Study: Researchers use eel-like protein to control brain
New bonobo genome fine tunes great ape evolution studies
Study yields new clue to strokes of undetermined source
New drug class gives hope to some ovarian cancer patients
Ethicists prioritize poorer nations for COVID-19 vaccine
How one SARS-CoV-2 protein keeps cells from fighting back
UW Medicine opens COVID-19 vaccination site in Shoreline
Pregnant women with COVID-19 face high mortality rate
Study: Heart setbacks from COVID-19 unlikely in athletes
Defective freeloader genomes unmasked in DNA virus infections
Dog Aging Project seeks more canine participants
Student advocate on race and medicine wins Soros fellowship
New test better detects reservoir of virus in HIV patients
Chromosome 8 assembly reveals novel genes and disease risks
Chronic sinus inflammation appears to alter brain activity
Second-generation COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial starts
Allen Foundation boosts effort to address vaccine equity
Bioethicist argues against paying employees to get vaccinated
UW Medicine, Microsoft seek fast future pandemic responses
UW medical school ranked No. 1 for primary care training
Resident’s NEJM essay discusses combating anti-Asian hate