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UW Medicine becomes title sponsor of Seattle Marathon
Atrial Fibrillation Increases Dementia Risk
Covid vaccine efficacy study has added RSV, flu testing
Signaling proteins shown to play key role in TB biology
AI Creates Proteins to Speed Up Reactions
AI conjures proteins that speed up chemical reactions
Survey focus: long COVID impact on Latino communities
Stigma, lack of support limit HIV testing in Côte d’Ivoire
Stigma, lack of support limits HIV testing in Côte d’Ivoire
Standard sepsis-ID systems miss cases in trauma patients
Overlooked tau-RNA interaction plays key role in dementia
Drop race adjustment for AFP prenatal testing, study urges
Genomics Uncovers Clues in Seattle Shigella Outbreak (2017-2022)
Genomics aids study of Seattle 2017-22 Shigella outbreak
UW medical school to end participation in U.S. News rankings
Protein scientists share Frontiers of Knowledge Award
How regulatory T cells halt aberrant, self-reactive T cells
Paul G. Ramsey Endowed Deanship created at medical school
Genetic diagnosis helps guide care of childhood hearing loss
Enrollees sought for study of diets’ effect on brain
Memory Hub now welcomes visitors during public hours
Study illuminates sugar’s role in common kidney disease
Roundworm lifespan extended in mitochondria study
Targeting tau, other protein behind Alzheimer’s disease
Grant will augment nurse-practitioner training in psychiatry
Bat virus receptor studies vital to predict spillover risk
Ferd Hutch leading large-scale review of clinical trials of Covid that highlights several differences
Med school formalizes partnership with Lummi Nation
Ganglion cells created in mice in bid to fix diseased eyes
Data offers COVID vaccine ideas with better variant resilience
UW Medical Center 1st in U.S. to earn nursing distinction
To improve promising cancer drug, cut it in half
Transparency, amnesty may boost reporting of sexual violence
Breast cancer vaccine safely generates anti-tumor immunity
Study sifts potential factors of device-implant complication
New insights on antibody responses to Omicron variants
Viral shedding ebbs over time with HSV-1 genital infections
Deep learning tool finds bacteria in micrographs
AI equal to humans in text-message mental health trial
Case of Legionella pneumonia identified
Awake patients can have kidney stones moved, blasted
Vaginal immune system may hint at prime vaccine timing
Pediatric geneticist earns NIH Early Independence Award
Study: ‘Bionic pancreas’ improves type 1 diabetes control
Patient receives region’s 1st DCD heart transplant
Covid zaps placenta’s immune response, study finds
Enrollees sought for trial of drug to treat monkeypox
Beyond AlphaFold: AI excels at creating new proteins