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Practical Strategies to Boost Employment of People with Disabilities
Survey: Patients Value Quick Access to Test Results
COVID-19: Daily Step Counts Change Over Time
Patients Prefer Immediate Test Results, Good or Bad
Improved Access to Heart Transplants via Donor Heart Function Preservation
Improved Access to Heart Transplants Through Donor Heart Maintenance
UC Davis Health announces new chief of transplant surgery
Family Participation Vital for Advancing Diabetes Research
Immunity, Metabolism Genes Evolve in Tsimane and Moseten Populations
Four UWA high achievers awarded Fulbright Scholarships
Garcia named best Latinx department head
Recent Policy, Social Advances Not Enough to Improve Health
Network Research Reveals Insights into Obesity
Transgender Health in Correctional Systems
Older Adults’ Sleep Habits Linked To Atherosclerosis Risk
Irregular Sleep Linked to Atherosclerosis Risk in Elderly
Sleep Disruption Linked to Heart Disease Risk
Mark Cuban Pharmacy could save billions on prostate cancer, bladder drugs
Potential Solution for Peanut Allergies Found by Researchers
Underperforming Org Procurement Causes Nat’l Organ Shortage: Study
VUMC’s ‘Shed-MEDS’ Reduces Drug Interaction Risk in Elderly
Ideal BP May Alter Brain Pathways Linked to Dementia
Ideal BP May Improve Brain Health, Dementia Pathways
Risk of Heart Failure Greater in Rural Areas
New Genetic Disorder Linked to Increased Risk of Infections
No Survival Benefit for Nab-Paclitaxel in Biliary Tract Cancer
Telemedicine Effective in Shared Decision-Making as In-Person Appts
Mapping Colorectal Cancer to Uncover Dynamics
UC Davis Health Awarded $4 Million for Obesity, Diabetes Study
Unprecedented Insight Into Colorectal Cancer
Funding of Autism Treatment Studies Lacks Effectiveness Analysis
Genome Guardian Shields Against Heart Disease
Potential Lupus Treatment Discovered in Study
Wearable Data Can Spot Pain, Sleep and Anxiety After Trauma
Researchers uncover new cell types involved in osteoarthritis
Nashville Biosciences, Illumina Partner with Amgen on Sequencing
Molecular Differences between Primary Breast Cancer and Metastases Identified
Peer Messaging Tool Achieves Success in Nursing Workforce
Research Examines Apps Built on Growing FHIR Standard
Penn Awarded $9.7M for Genetic Counselor Education Efforts
X-ray Technique Unveils Quantum Material Transitions
Under pressure – quantum material reacts to light
Gut Bacteria Can Make C. Diff Infections Worse
Dangerous Ally in Guts May Pose Deadly Infection Risk
Pre-Admission COVID Tests No Longer Needed for Asymptomatic
Ancient Marine Reptile Graveyard Found: Potential Birthing Site
Fossil CSI: Mysterious site was ancient birthing grounds
Mystery of Ancient Marine Reptile Birthing Ground Revealed