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Widely used software, developed by Young Lab, tops 1,000 academic licenses
Diet of Homotherium sabertooth cat included baby mammoths, according to new research
Penn Medicine Cancer Cell Therapy Pioneer Carl June, MD, Receives Sanford Lorraine Cross Award
NIH trial of anti-CD14 antibody to treat COVID-19 respiratory disease begins
Research: Better understanding of fundamental cell behavior can improve drug development
Private sector action may be linchpin to conservative support on climate change
More than 7,600 members of Vanderbilt community support university on Giving Day
New microscopy technique of electron distributions and theory unveils a feature that can shape applications of a class of quantum
Vanderbilt civil engineer to design tech-driven decision-making and disaster response tools for Houston-area food banks
Low-calorie diet and mild exercise improve survival for young people with leukemia
Vanderbilt psychology research shows people more willing to take COVID-19 vaccine to benefit society
Grace Potter and Chris Mann to headline virtual Giving Day concert on April 7
Vanderbilt School of Medicine, Law School climb in 2022 ‘U.S. News’ rankings
Novel brain circuit discovery and therapy might tackle coinciding obesity and depression
Research Snapshot: Exosuit concept developed at Vanderbilt peeks at future of wearable tech
Voyager missions discussion hosted by Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory on March 25
Lung cancer resistance: key is glucose
U.S. President Biden Announces his Intent to Nominate Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response
Legislative effectiveness study, UVA identifies member success in advancing bills
Vanderbilt’s IRIS Center provides educational resources to record number of online visitors during COVID-19 pandemic
Vanderbilt’s Engine for Art, Democracy and Justice features works by revolutionary composer, renowned artist
Scientists sketch rare star system using more than a century of astronomical observations
Vanderbilt Giving Day is April 7
Betsega Bekele, MEd’14, National Storyteller
‘Hunker down’ stress genes boosted in women who live in violent neighborhoods
New CRISPR screening technique developed at Vanderbilt leads to discovery of pathway that may be linked to cancer initiation
Rebecca VanDiver tells story of Black women artists through different frames of reference
2020 Tennessee Men’s Health Report Card: Overall improvement, work to be done
Vanderbilt convenes scholars, activists across generations to examine Nashville’s role in fight for racial justice
New evidence COVID-19 antibodies, vaccines less effective against variants
New book describes turning point in racialization of classical music
Experimental treatment subdues type 1 diabetes in laboratory mice
Vanderbilt Data Science Institute
Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering cochlear implant collaboration
Vanderbilt-developed obesity treatments will be advanced through collaboration with Soleno Therapeutics
Vanderbilt political scientists examine social, psychological, legal foundations of Jan. 6 riot
Evidence suggests climate whiplash may have more extremes in store for California
Curb Center and Metro Nashville Arts Commission win grant to expand Racial Equity in Arts Leadership program
Award-winning paleontologist and National Academy of Sciences member Kay Behrensmeyer to discuss our understanding of ancient life
SARS-CoV-2 protein blocks an essential step in host gene expression, new discovery finds
Significant winter weather in forecast; Vanderbilt classes will operate on schedule
Study reveals mutations that drive therapy-related myeloid neoplasms in children
Bruce Carter joins CMT Research Foundation scientific advisory board
Preventive blood thinning drugs could reduce COVID hospital deaths
11 ways to have fun and support your mental wellness
Preventive blood thinning drugs could reduce number of hospitalised COVID-19 patients who die
Discovery shows how to treat heart attacks; drug development underway
Winter weather forecast for Thursday; Vanderbilt classes operating on schedule