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Researchers’ Tissue Analysis Shows How COVID-19 Affects Infected Cells
Polar vortex, winter heat may change bird populations
Fetal Heart Defect Detection Improved by Using Machine Learning
Bioinformatician elected to Australian Academy of Science
New AI-based tool can find rare cell populations in large single-cell datasets
Pandemic-Driven Telehealth Proves Popular at Safety Net Health System
Researchers ID protein “signature” in severe COVID-19 cases
Vaccine Willingness Differs Among Bay Area Medical Workers and General Public
DNA damage “hot spots” discovered within neurons
Overcoming systemic barriers to minority entrepreneurship requires broad effort
With masks on, three feet is just as safe as six feet apart in Massachusetts schools, researchers find
Microbes may hold key for treating neurological disorders
Philosopher shines light on dark world of misinformation
New Algorithm Identifies ‘Escaping’ Cells in Single-cell CRISPR Screens, Uncovers New Regulators of Immune Cell Behavior
COVID-19 Study Finds Increase of Coronavirus Variants in San Francisco’s Mission District
Global chorus condemn Facebook’s news ban as fake news circulates online
Facebook wants Australians seeing dangerous, unchecked misinformation instead of paying for news
UCSF Partnership With San Francisco Brings COVID-19 Vaccinations to Mission District
Resolution glimpse of gene expression in cells
Deplatforming works: Trump’s Twitter ban is long overdue
Single-dose COVID-19 vaccine triggers antibody response in mice
Hate speech on Facebook poses ‘acute challenges to human dignity’ – UN expert
Patient rounds: Ages-old care & learning concept gets technology upgrade, international collaboration
Antitrust: US pulls out big gun in fight against Facebook and Google
Researchers develop new tool for watching and controlling neural activity
Latinx Low-Income Workers Hardest Hit by SF COVID-19 Surge
Latinx Low-Income Workers Hardest Hit by SF COVID Surge
New COVID-19 Testing Approach Measures Patients’ Immune Response for Better Diagnosis
Mikhail Shapiro Receives Grant From Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for Deep Tissue Imaging
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative names two WashU groups Frontiers of Imaging grantees
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative recognises EMBL scientists
Vanderbilt microscopist receives Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant to expand access to imaging technologies
National recognition for WEHI bioinformatics researchers
One in three who are aware of deepfakes say they have inadvertently shared them on social media
Computer model can predict how COVID-19 spreads in cities
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative supports diversity in Human Cell Atlas project
Lab-Grown Mini-Lungs Mimic Real Thing – Right Down to Covid Infection
Stanford University, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub launch low-cost COVID-19 testing and surveillance platform
Highly Detailed Map of Human Heart Could Guide Personalized Heart Treatments
Physicist Tien-Tien Yu receives New Horizons prize
Imperial mathematician scoops $3m Breakthrough Prize
Understanding how birds respond to extreme weather can inform conservation efforts
Researchers develop new way to study ocean life
Researchers at University use stem cells to grow functional blood vessel cells found in liver
Research powers Facebook’s new AI shopping tool
Grant for Elastix medical imaging software
Penn Researchers Receive $1.05 Million Grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Project receives significant grant to breathe new life into childhood lung disease research