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Doxycycline After Unprotected Sex Significantly Reduced STIs
Using light and sound to reveal rapid brain activity in unprecedented detail
Big problem with free speech on platforms isn’t censorship
Novel cell atlas for multiple human tissues finds discoveries underlying complex diseases
COVID Drug May Also Ease Symptoms of Long COVID
What will Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter mean for ‘free speech’ on platform?
An immune ‘fingerprint’ reveals path for better treatment of autoimmune diseases
Study shows need to increase screening for unhealthy alcohol use during primary care visits
Computational approach enables spatial mapping of single-cell data within tissues
International team creates first complete fruit fly cell atlas
Tubal ligation no better than IUD at preventing pregnancy
Getting to heart of complex disease
Brainpower May Take Beating Following Concussion
Engineer ing receives $21 million pledge from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Can you ‘die’ in real life if metaverse bans you?
Reconstructing chromosomes of earliest animals on Earth
Unravelling ancient stories hidden in DNA
‘Virtual influencers’ are here, but should Meta really be setting ethical ground rules?
Local policy matters when it comes to public health
UW and Stanford researchers reveal findings of nationwide study of relationship between food environment and healthy eating
Macrophages in artery wall ‘smell’ their surroundings
How 2021 was year governments really started to wise up against big tech
Facebook urged to act over incompetent “fact check” of BMJ investigation
Pathway emerges
Initiative made possible by gift from Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg
Your no-nonsense guide to sunscreen
Less energy, better quality PAM images with machine learning
$2 million investment for study investigating how vaccines work inside cells
For New Patients with Paralysis, Tighter Blood Pressure Control Management May Lead to More Mobility
Awards & Accolades 17 November
$2m fund awarded for Oxford’s single-cell ancestry vaccine research
For new patients with paralysis, tighter blood pressure management may lead to more mobility
Facebook takes its ethics into metaverse – and critics are worried
Facebook name switch doesn’t resolve its PR problems
Facebook relaunches itself as ‘Meta’ in a clear bid to dominate metaverse
What if scientists could predict significance of every human gene variant?
Call-and-response circuit tells neurons when to grow synapses
Serendipitous discovery leads to new understanding of how cells multitask
Camfecting: how hackers attack by gaining access to your webcam
Neuroscientists roll out first comprehensive atlas of brain cells
Cell “Fingerprinting” Could Yield Long-Awaited Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostic
UCSF Leads National Effort to Improve Racial Equity in Kidney Medicine
Center links economy and society to study changing world
Community-Based Strategy Succeeds in Vaccinating Latinx San Franciscans
Americans’ civics knowledge increases during stress-filled year
Research links severe Covid to increase in self-attacking antibodies
MIT mathematicians awarded 2022 New Frontiers Prize
Four Cambridge researchers recognised in 2022 Breakthrough Prizes