Give up smoking and vaping in new year

One of the more challenging New Year’s resolutions is to quit smoking, and because of recent research, to give up vaping. Although e-cigarettes became a popular method to help people quit smoking, they are no longer considered the healthiest alternative to cigarettes.

Dr. Nicola Hanania, a pulmonary and critical care physician at Baylor College of Medicine, said that while e-cigarettes benefited some heavy smokers who were addicted for years to cigarettes, it is best to avoid them since they can reinforce a smoking habit and cause additional health issues.

“As doctors, we don’t like anything that is inhaled other than medicine,” Hanania said. “Vaping is now a concern because it has shown to cause some structure damage to the lungs. Because of the additional chemicals in the vaping solution, it is no longer just a way of delivering nicotine.”

If quitting smoking – or vaping – is on your New Year’s resolutions list, Hanania offers ways to give up smoking without the use of an e-cigarette:

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