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Drinking green tea and coffee daily linked to lower death risk in people with diabetes
Restricted blood flow in brain could be tied to Alzheimer’s
From pills to powder: 1 in 3 high school seniors who misused prescription opioids later used heroin
Cannabis reduces OCD symptoms by half in short-term
Targa West road closures
Newly Elected Lord Mayor and Council Sworn-In at Government House
Parliamentary Preview: First Meeting of Legislative Assembly
Quarter of partially-sighted have unmet needs
Researching potential e-cigarette risk in pregnancy
Learn to save a life this Restart a Heart Day
Need to be in two places at once? It may be possible
Seizure of contraband and illegal items at Collins Bay Institution – Maximum security unit
Depression/anxiety in mums-to-be linked to heightened asthma risk in their kids
More young adults are abstaining from alcohol
Step on it – pay attention to your feet!
Seizure of contraband and unauthorized items at Warkworth Institution 10 October
E-cigarette use among young people has fallen for first time in Wales but declines
Polish Economy to Shrink in 2020 due to Pandemic: Then It May Start a Moderate Recovery
Seizure of contraband and unauthorized items at Donnacona Institution 6 October
Seizure of contraband and unauthorized items at Collins Bay Institution 6 October
Seizure of contraband and illegal items at Beaver Creek Institution
5 things to know about bowel cancer
Stellar explosion in Earth’s proximity
Landmark report vindicates Australia’s precautionary approach to e-cigarette policy
Seizure of contraband at Collins Bay Institution 30 September
E-cigarettes ‘gateway’ to smoking for non-smokers
Regular use of acid reflux drugs linked to heightened risk of type 2 diabetes
ARA ends relationship with Australian Retail Vaping Industry Association
Seizure of contraband and unauthorized items at Donnacona Institution 29 September
Vaping up, cigarette use down, among Canadian youth
Abandoned vehicle auction 28 September
Do microwave ovens cause cancer, and other common myths about cancer
Tobacco legislation review
Community and Rec Hub Site Preparation Event
TGA vaping decision will protect young Australians
Access to nicotine-containing e-cigarettes
Healthy workplaces program highlights Hudson Institute
“Our youth are becoming nicotine addicted by something that tastes like
COVID pushing more people to ditch smokes, new study suggests
World-first study to explore impact of e-cigarettes on lung health and exercise
Call for price rises as cut-price smokes used more
As nation mourns Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a look at advances in pancreatic cancer treatment
‘Best’ hospitals should be required to deliver tobacco treatment
Can’t get you outta my head: neuroscience study finds ‘hidden’ thoughts in visual part of brain
Smokers increasingly using e-cigarettes to quit, survey shows
A direct link between smoking and fatal brain haemorrhage demonstrated by a Finnish study
Self-imaging of a molecule by its own electrons: mapping atomic motion during a molecular vibration
Improving prediction of Parkinson’s Disease