Missouri, Colorado Students to Speak with Astronaut on Space Station

Flight Engineer Serena Aun-Chancellor conducts research operations for the AngieX Cancer Therapy study
NASA astronaut Serena Aun-Chancellor will speak with elementary students about her life and work abroad the space station next week.
Credits: NASA

Elementary school students from Missouri and Colorado will talk live with an astronaut on theInternational Space Stationnext week. Both Earth-to-space calls will air live on NASA television and the agencyswebsite.

NASA astronautSerena Aun-Chancellorwill answer questions posed by 4th grade students from Katie Harper Wright Elementary School in St. Louis at 1:15 p.m. EDT on Monday, Oct. 15. The downlink is in association with the National Park Services recognition of both the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System and NASAs 60th anniversary.

A National Park Service mascot, Seaman Jr., a plush toy replica of the original Newfoundland dog, Seaman made its way to the International Space Station. Seaman explored the trail with his owner, Capt. Meriwether Lewis and colleague 2nd Lt.William Clarkon theirCorps of DiscoveryExpedition across the Louisiana Purchase from 1804 to 1806. From the space stations unparalleled perspective of Earth, Seaman Jr. tracked the 3,700 mile Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Seaman Jr.s travels abroad the station will debut during the downlink.

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