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Lots of water in world’s most explosive volcano
Climate, carbon cycle trends of past 50 million years reconciled
Sea Secrets lectures focus on innovative research
Wet and wild: There’s lots of water in world’s most explosive volcano
Immersive education: Oceanography lectures inspire new eCornell course
TRAPPIST-1’s 7 Rocky Planets May Be Made of Similar Stuff
Aerosol particles naturally form over open sea
Solar System formation in two steps
Alpha particles lurk at surface of neutron-rich nuclei
Animation film & mobile game bring Gen Z into protecting ozone layer
Highly functional membrane developed for producing freshwater from seawater
Rockhampton Art Gallery receives grant to publish exhibition catalogue
Four MIT scientists honored with 2021 National Academy of Sciences awards
FAO Director-General highlights how to build an advanced society with green, innovative, competitive and sustainable development
How our planets were formed
USF-led international geosciences team reconstructs 6.5 million years of sea level stands in Western Mediterranean
Borehole to reveal potential of geothermal heating
NASA Mission To Test Technology for Satellite Swarms
Career Award to boost UO researcher’s peatland program
From destruction to construction: Former nuclear bunker now hosts life-saving research
Solar System formed in two steps
KTN and UK Space Agency launch UK Space Sector Landscape Map
Value of space-based remote sensing
UNM scientists, part of international geosciences team, reconstruct 6.5 million years of sea-level stands
Search for axions from nearby star Betelgeuse comes up empty
Indigenous lands: a haven for wildlife
Big Questions as a Child Leads Ph.D. Candidate to Big Research
Astronomers estimate Titan’s largest sea is 1,000-feet deep
Air pollution levels depend on drizzle rates
Academy Professor Karri Muinonen investigates planetary system with help of scattered light
Scientists fire volcanic missiles to help Auckland prepare for threats
Amber-encased fossil shines light on evolution of bioluminescent insects
Brazilian dam collapse could have been predicted with latest satellite radar imaging technique, study finds
Scientists discover oldest starfish-like fossil
Marshall Government to send Satellite to Space
New starfish-like fossil reveals evolution in action
Healing Foundation urges all schools to teach Stolen Generations story and Australia’s full history
‘Apple Commons’ licks ice cream contest competition
All-purpose dinosaur opening reconstructed for first time
Research finds tiny bubbles tell tales of big volcanic eruptions
World’s Largest Lakes Reveal Climate Change Trends
A sea of rubbish: ocean floor landfills
Solar activity reconstructed over a millennium
Indigenous archaeology and landscape knowledge that sustains oral histories
New global partnership to secure future of renewable energy
Elastic motion makes click beetles click, study finds
Puff’ planet like no other
Navigation by Atom – Coming to a Vehicle Near You