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United Nations office encourages Raelian Movement to pursue their diplomatic efforts
News Conference to Feature NASA Astronauts on International Space Station
New Report Showcases U.S. Global Leadership in Landmine Clearance and Conventional Weapons
Researchers unveil universal properties of active turbulence
Plants respond to light within fraction of a second
EarthTalks seminar to focus on improving science of climate risk management
Juha Saarikangas receives prestigious Human Frontier Science Program grant
Scientists get first look at cause of ‘slow motion’ earthquakes
Lights out for Earth Hour
EarthTalks looks to past geology, climate to predict landscape response
Tasmanian company to build Antarctic sleds
NASA Administrator Statement on Apollo Astronaut Al Worden
Scientists discover pulsating remains of a star in an eclipsing double star system
A deep dive into upward mobility of rocks
Designing minimal and scalable insect-inspired multi-locomotion millirobots
Safeguarding chloroplasts from sunburn
Evolutionary elements arrived on Earth much later than thought, say scientists
Earth’s mantle, not its core, may have generated planet’s early magnetic field
New technique for measuring greenhouse gas production from thawing permafrost
Origins of life on Earth challenged in new research
Family tree of waxbills reconstructed
New research conducted by UNM scientists suggests Earth and Moon not identical oxygen twins
PNNL, Verizon bring 5G to National Laboratory
Is life a game of chance?
Help a local community, kinder or school garden project grow
New Chip-Based Laser Gyroscope Measures Earth’s Rotation
Sensitivity to low flow
Curtin remains second in world for Mineral and Mining Engineering
QS World University Rankings rates MIT No. 1 in 12 subjects for 2020
Researchers develop new explanation for destructive earthquake vibrations
National kudos for submarine volcano research
EarthTalks explores challenges of adding renewable energy to power grid
Space weather model gives earlier warning of satellite-killing radiation storms
How three genes rule plant symbioses
UBC student discovers 17 new planets, including potentially habitable, Earth-sized world
How a seasonal snarl-up in mid-1500s gave us our strange rules for leap years
Massive protostar keeps growing despite ionization heating by ultraviolet light
Antarctic ice walls protect climate
Qatar on track to welcome world with just 1,000 days to go until FIFA World Cup 2022
U.S. methane emissions focus of EarthTalks seminar by Ken Davis
Measuring magical wavelength of cadmium
Scientists produce emergency plan to halt decline in freshwater species and habitats
Friedman Lecture in Astronomy set for Feb. 27
LOFAR pioneers new way to study exoplanet environments
EarthTalks: Richard Alley discusses collapsing ice sheets, coastal communities
CT scanning an ancient armoured reptile
First science data from Solar Orbiter shows Imperial instrument working well
Scientists look to public to help migratory monarch butterflies bounce back