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Giant lizards learnt to fly over millions of years
NASA’s Perseverance Rover Is Midway to Mars
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Goes for Early Stow of Asteroid Sample
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Collects Significant Amount of Asteroid
NASA Invites Media to Briefing on OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Collection
Large tides may have been a key factor in evolution of bony fish and tetrapods
Correcting each other’s mistakes – why cells stuck together in early evolution
Why does fertilizer explode?
InScience film festival comes to Wageningen
Ice loss likely to continue in Antarctica – even if climate change is brought under control, study warns
FAU researchers prove vital role of coralline red algae for coral reefs
Art museum announces livestreamed art history talk with Namita Gupta Wiggers
Predicting tornadoes on UK cold fronts for first time
A tribute to Oscar and his fospice carer
A new way of looking at Earth’s interior
Making water in Antarctic desert 21 October 2020
Tropical cyclones move faster, cut prep times
Stressed out volcanoes more likely to collapse and erupt, study finds
Oldest titanium provides evidence of one-billion-year-old preserved life
NASA to Broadcast OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Collection Activities
New Jeep ad supports Carl Sagan Institute initiative
Why hype about graphene? 14 October
Electron-spin dynamics studied on its natural time-scale
Finding right colour to control magnets with laser pulses
QUT hosts inaugural QUT Deadly Choices Murri Netball Carnival
How to beat spicy pepper heat
Scientific American: Andrea Ghez and experiment nobody thought would work
Postdoc honored by L’Oreal, UN for innovative research
Some planets may be better for life than Earth
Portrait of an exoplanet
Jurassic park: truth or fiction?
Mud-slurping chinless ancestors had all moves
World class geophysics research wins international award
Most sensitive optical receivers yet for space communications
Urgent action on biodiversity for sustainable development
Solar Orbiter’s first science data shows Sun at its quietest
Stellar explosion in Earth’s proximity
Investigating impact of planet collisions
Throwing a warm sheet over our understanding of ice and climate
Caldwell First Nation and Parks Canada unveil a new sign that conveys warmest of welcomes
How does this blue flower tea change color?
NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for IMAP Mission
Buckley AFB welcomes SecAF Barbara Barrett
Space Delta 4 welcomes Secretary of Air Force Barbara Barrett
Air pollution leads to increase in electricity usage, study suggests
Remnants of an ancient asteroid shed new light on early solar system
Pair of Massive Baby Stars Swaddled in Salty Water Vapor
Simpler models may be better for determining some climate risk