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Chancellor in Scotland Scots getting back into work after furlough
Fungus That Tastes Just Right
Aerosols add new wrinkle to climate change in tropical Pacific Ocean
New Spin on Planet Formation Mysteries
FSU researchers find La Niña increases carbon export from Amazon River
Past abrupt climate changes provide ‘early warning signals’ of cascading tipping points
Understanding past climate change ‘tipping points’ can help us prepare for future
Mars’ bright south pole reflections may be clay – not water
Researchers observe gas re-accretion in dying galaxies for first time
What lies beneath: building blocks of life
Chinese Astronomers Develop Model to Help Ultralong-wavelength Observations
US subsidies boost expected profits and development of new oil and gas fields
Simulated microgravity system created to experiment with materials
Marine and coastal leaders urge government to adopt FEA Sustainable Oceans and Coasts Strategy
Ozone research managers say no room for complacency on ozone layer recovery
Warning over start of commercial-scale deep-sea mining
Geologists take Earth’s inner temperature using erupted sea glass
New method to detect impact of sea level rise
Variations in climate conditions affect reproductive success of Antarctic krill, study finds
Variations in climate conditions affect reproductive success of Antarctic krill
Icy waters of ‘Snowball Earth’ may have spurred early organisms to grow bigger
New approach to preventing human-induced earthquakes
‘Less than 1% probability’ that Earth’s energy imbalance increase occurred naturally, say Princeton and GFDL scientists
Giant friction experiment at Kilauea volcano
Hot and dry Jupiter: SPIRou reveals atmosphere of exoplanet Tau Boötis b
Two strands are tougher than one
Last ice-covered parts of summertime Arctic Ocean vulnerable to climate change
Scientists test friction laws in collapsing crater of an erupting volcano
Life in space: Preparing for an increasingly tangible reality
Physicist from USA studies ozone in Tomsk
World’s climate change progress since 2019 is (mostly) bad news
Earth’s vital signs worsen amid business-as-usual mindset on climate change
Making sense of cosmos
Program co-produced by UCLA storytelling lab wins local Emmy
Krawczynski to examine role of water in volcanoes, Earth’s evolution
Wildfire Smoke In New England is “Pretty Severe From Public Health Perspective”
Bushfires, not pandemic lockdowns, had biggest impact on global climate in 2020
How do brains form? New Binghamton research studies folding, growth in fetuses
What will happen to sediment plumes associated with deep-sea mining?
Videos of cosmic proportions
Scientists call on more research to determine ‘tipping point’ of supervolcanoes
Temperature or food more important for deep-sea animals?
Space researcher joins national media program
Astronomers show how planets form in binary systems without getting crushed
How crushed rocks can help capture CO2
Naturally inspired, reusable system that purifies water and builds itself
Earth’s interior is swallowing up more carbon than thought
Towards Banning Bomb: Honing Negotiation Skills with UNITAR