NAPLAN results stagnant. Rockliff refuses to listen to evidence

NAPLAN results stagnant. Rockliff refuses to listen to evidence.

  • Rockliff sugar-coats NAPLAN results
  • Government should be actively engaging with NAPLAN review

Despite the best efforts of students, teachers, principals and parents today’s NAPLAN results could be best described as static.

Over the 20 areas of assessment across grades 3, 5, 7 and 9 there were small gains in nine areas, one area with no improvement and ten areas which have declined.

Shadow Education and Early Years Minister Josh Willie said that sugar coating this data ignores the fundamental question; is NAPLAN fit for purpose and is it serving our students and schools well?

“It is incredibly frustrating that Jeremy Rockliff has refused to join Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in an extremely timely review of NAPLAN,” Mr Willie said.

The NAPLAN Reporting Review handed to the Education Council in June revealed some of the problems with NAPLAN in its current form and one of the findings stated, “There is widespread interest in the development of on-line, formative assessments based on learning progressions.”

“That is a significant move away from one size fits all standardised testing,” Mr Willie said.

“States engaged with the review have already put forward a number of ideas to improve NAPLAN so why won’t Jeremy Rockliff join that conversation in the best interests of our students?

“In its current form, NAPLAN is a high stakes test that is causing considerable stress and anxiety to young people but offering little in terms of educational improvement.”

Labor will be bringing on a debate on NAPLAN in the Legislative Council in the next parliamentary sitting.

Josh Willie MLC

Shadow Minister for Education and Early Years