NT Pre-School Games Support STEM Learning in our Littlest Territorians

The Territory Labor Government is investing to foster an early interest Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with resources specifically targeted at our littlest Territorians.

The NT Pre-School STEM Games, developed for the Territory Labor Government by the University of Melbourne, have been designed to build children’s curiosity for STEM through fun-based learning.

In line with the Government’s 2018-2022 STEM in the NT Strategy, selected Territory pre-schools trialled the Pre-School Games, before resources were distributed to all NT government and non-government pre-schools, long day care and family day care services.

The Games include:

Science Games

Prioritise children developing transferable, scientific process skills.

Technology Games

Encourage children to be inventive in identifying and using tools to make work easier, and to explore coding.

Engineering Games

Encourage children’s creativity as they respond to fun challenges requiring innovative thinking and reasoning.

Mathematics Games

Strengthen opportunities for preschool teachers to recognise and respond to the diverse mathematical competencies and language that children demonstrate as they transition into preschool.

The NT Pre-School STEM Games have been designed to suit the Territory’s unique environment, with some best played during the dry season and others during the wet season.

In addition to helping build a child’s curiosity for these fields, the resources support educators and preschool staff to implement STEM playfully in the early years.

As noted by Acting Minister for Education, Eva Lawler.

“Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) are crucial areas of learning for students, with 75 per cent of the fastest growing occupations worldwide requiring skills and knowledge in these areas.

“It is never too early to start. Development in the crucial early childhood years is critical to improving student success in school and into adulthood.

“The Territory Labor Government has prioritised investment in STEM in our schools, from the early years, through resources such as the NT Pre-School STEM Games, through to the senior years.

“Since we came to government, we have opened the dedicated $15.9 million STEAM Centre at Darwin High School, the $12.7 million STEAM Centre at Taminmin High School and released our five year STEM in the NT strategy to support students right across the Territory to build stronger STEM skills.

“Unlike the CLP, who sacked teachers and slashed $135 million from the education budget, we are investing in education and in the future of our children.”

As noted by Driver Pre-School Teacher, Melissa Keelan.

“The Pre-School STEM Games really jumpstarts our children’s love of learning.

“They encourage our children to be active, creative, innovative using playful challenges as well as being easy to facilitate for teachers.

“Driver Pre-School originally trialled the Technology Games and it was a success. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the Science, Mathematics and Engineering Games as well.

“They are beautifully presented and have really supported our staff to keep our children engaged in learning.”

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