Six ways to keep cool in a car without air-conditioning

Travelling in cars without air-conditioning can make drivers and passengers miserable on hot days, but now six tips for staying cool without A/C have been revealed.

Motoring experts from car rental comparison site have revealed six ways Aussies who lack the luxury of air con can still stay cool, calm and collected behind the wheel – even when temperatures are soaring.

Most modern cars are fitted with efficient A/C systems, but if a vehicle is a little older or has a faulty unit, driving in the summer sun can be unbearable.

Investing in nifty gadgets like solar-powered mini-fans or even simply hanging a wet cloth over dashboard vents can help cool down drivers and passengers.

Drivers can also wrap a frozen bottle of water in a towel and rest it between the back of their neck and the seat to cool them down and regulate their body temperature.

A spokesperson from said: “Air-conditioning is standard in cars these days but there are still plenty of vehicles on our roads which lack the luxury of an efficient A/C system.

“It could be because they’re a classic motor manufactured back in the days before air-conditioning came in or it could be simply because their unit isn’t working.

“Whatever the reason if a vehicle doesn’t have air conditioning, they can become unbearable on a hot day.

“It can make any journey intolerable and can leave driver and passengers feeling dehydrated and irritable – especially if traffic jams are involved.

“Travelling like this for long periods can even be dangerous, but drivers can take some simple steps to make themselves and their passengers more comfortable.

“Investing in dashboard covers and mini-fans will help, but even considering where to park a car can make a huge difference.”

These are‘s tips for keeping a car cool without using air conditioning:

1. Shade

Parking in shaded areas will help keep a car cool. Under trees or close to tall buildings can be effective but if these are not available then a parked lorry could be just as good. If a car will be left for some time drivers should consider the position of the sun and give some thought to where their car will have most shelter.

2. Dashboard cover

There’s nothing worse than coming back into the car and not being able to touch the steering wheel because it’s too hot. A fabric or upholstered dashboard cover can protect items such as the steering wheel from the heat. It will also protect the sensitive vinyl from cracking and fading.

3. Windows

On a hot day a car can act in a similar way to a greenhouse, with sun and heat coming into the car and being trapped, thus allowing it to get hotter and hotter. Leaving windows slightly open allows some of the hot air to escape, and if there’s any wind it will also help cool down the interior.

4. Wet cloth

Placing a wet cloth over the middle vent of the dashboard will help cool the air that blows through, but drivers should ensure they have replacements to hand as they will dry out very quickly. It’s also essential to remove them from the car and wash them afterwards to prevent mildew.

5. Mini-fan

Solar-powered mini-fans can be purchased online for as little as $10 each. These are great as they use the sun to cool the car.

6. Water bottles

Drivers can wrap a frozen water bottle in a towel and rest it against the seat behind their neck.

Not only will this cool the driver down, but they can also drink the water when the ice melts.

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