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‘life changer’ for those most in need
Artery stiffness may predict Type 2 diabetes risk better than BP and standard risk factors
2022 NC Women’s Health Report Card released by CWHR
Designer neurons offer new hope for treatment of Parkinson’s disease
Prehabilitation making surgery easier
Cancer rates declining in Canada but cases, deaths increasing because of demographic factors
Insulin Spray Improved Gait, Cognitive Function in Patients With and Without Type 2 Diabetes, Clinical Trial Shows
Insulin spray improved gait, cognitive function in patients with and without type 2 diabetes
Five ways to keep your smile healthy
Seven hours of sleep is optimal in middle and old age, say researchers
Japanese population projected to live longer without dementia
FedNor invests in municipality networking and resource sharing in North
Primary health care reform is answer to Australian concerns about affordability
Study links Healthy lifestyle to more years without Alzheimer’s
Low-dose lithium may slow kidney aging
How to rejuvenate immune system of elderly people and reduce their risk of infectious disease
Link between dementia and atrial fibrillation
Female hormones could provide clues to higher risk of dementia in women
Robotic exoskeleton uses machine learning to help users stand up
Hospital system shows cracks under weight of demand and under-funding
26 new hospital beds on Brisbane’s southside
New method increases preventive health screenings for older patients
Could Viruses, Olfactory ‘Railroad Track’ Unlock Alzheimer’s Puzzle?
Could leaky blood vessels in brain be culprit in Alzheimer’s?
Leveraging telehealth for efficient delivery of primary health care in WHO South-East Asia Region
Smart packaging could improve how older adults take medication
Opportunities to inform Independent State Pension age review
New ISU research project will help aging population in rural Iowa
New evidence for importance of educational attainment in brain health
U.S. stroke rate declining in adults 75 and older, yet rising in adults 49 and younger
Research from Cicely Saunders Institute is shaping policy on end-of-life care
Death rates from ovarian cancer will fall in EU and UK in 2022
Study links Discrimination to health disparities among racialized older Canadians
Health care industry needs more engineers
Paid home care workers go well beyond standard duties
$2M grant will fund Penn State research studies on preventing muscle wasting
Expanding palliative care services in Noosa
Optical sensing for orthopedic surgery
Research highlights key health opportunities, causes of death for Coloradans
Serious hearing loss declines among older American females between 2008 and 2017
Inclusive sportswear designer joins academy of inventors
UBC researchers launch first-in-Canada testing program for Alzheimer’s disease
Second State Pension Age Review launches
Decreased vehicle emissions linked with significant drop in deaths attributable to air pollution
Superhero behaviour sheds light on staying healthy in later life
CSL Announces Tender Offer To Acquire Vifor Pharma
Ageing Workforce Ready
D-Serine is useful for rapid and precise measurement of kidney function