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Researchers study dog diets in Bronze Age and First Iron Age using remains from Can Roqueta site
Scientists see weed as an ocean solution
Spintronics Technology Revolution Could Be Just a Hopfion Away
ART-CARMA Clinical Study part of 6m Euro global programme
Call for cardiovascular scientists to contribute data to multinational platform
Fear of COVID-19: Psychological, not environmental factors are important
Molecular classification of metastatic breast cancer enables prediction of disease prognosis and benefit of a cell cycle inhibitor
People with severe gum disease may be twice as likely to have increased blood pressure
Study analyses fish larval dispersal in western Mediterranean
Soils or plants will absorb more CO2 as carbon levels rise, but not both
Researchers identify a potential biomarker for Parkinson’s disease
UB, leading institution in Spain in science-wide author databases published in ‘PLOS Biology’
UB Laboratory of Metabolic Dynamics in Cancer settles in Barcelona Science Park
Observed in vivo collective movement of nanorobots
UNESCO rallies front against racism and discrimination
Ageism common in tech industry
Elite women may have ruled El Argar 4,000 years ago
Elite women might have ruled El Argar 4,000 years ago
Future virtual fitting rooms
FSU researchers use pressure-sensitive molecular materials to harness cooling technology
Basic rules of research apply regardless of who is paying
UB leads construction of a pocket high-resolution microscope
Green tea supplements modulate facial development of children with Down syndrome
Green tea supplements can modulate facial development in Down syndrome
New avenues for eradicating cancer
Important steps for transforming toxic molecules in air at low temperatures
International study finds increased COVID-19 mortality among adults with Down syndrome
ICREA Academia 2020 program awards five UB researchers
Launch of four European projects to develop avantgarde technologies
A study analyses risk genetic factors shared between ADHD and disruptive behaviour disorders
Black Quantum Futurism wins this year’s Collide residency award
Capuchin monkey genome reveals clues to its long life and large brain
New Test Predicts Tumors Most Likely to Respond to Radiation, Chemotherapy
Tourism mainly responsible for marine litter on Mediterranean beaches
Seagulls are indicators of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in environment
Sand and dust storm hits Europe
Researchers identify a new molecular mechanism related to severe anaphylaxis
Happiness really does come for free
Sand and dust storm impacts Europe
RESMED: knowing about and protecting marine littoral of Pyrenees
Ditching car for walking or biking just one day a week cuts carbon footprint
ODISSeA project: advances to improve organ donation process in southeast Asian countries
Pfizer reports fourth-quarter and full-year 2020 results and releases 5-YEAR pipeline metrics
Researchers describe molecular mechanism involved in Huntington’s neurodegeneration
Amazing spider mite silk key to new nanomaterial “stronger than steel”
3D bioprinting technology to detect drugs’ toxicity
A sea of rubbish: ocean floor landfills
New advances in detection of bias in face recognition algorithms