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UB team creates new tool to verify geographical origins of virgin olive oil
Global green energy company Fortescue Future Industries welcomes new European Commission Plan
Challenges in nutrition, health and sustainability, under debate at UB
FC Barcelona v A-Leagues All Stars
Concordia’s Ursula Eicker co-authors policy brief on G20’s global sustainability approach
Seven out of ten patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease feel stigmatized
Explosion on White Dwarf Observed
Children with history of maltreatment could undergo an early maturation of immune system
How do genomes evolve between species? key role of 3D structure in male germ cells
Barcelona 1992 Olympian Tony Vidmar to lead Olyroos towards Paris 2024
Findings on how gen YWHAZ can alter neuronal development
Findings on how gen ‘YWHAZ’ can alter neuronal development
Alex Chidiac: Finding meaning outside of football
Citizen science study detects vast amount of microplastics in Catalan bathing areas
Arbitrary Travel Bans on Diaspora Activists in Algeria
Research on impact of micro- and nanoplastics on health and environment just click away
Chasing blue whale
Global warming accelerates water cycle, with relevant climatic consequences
Synthetic ‘forever chemicals’ known as PFAS linked to liver damage
Unravelling origins of human spine
Unraveling origins of human spine
Researchers design nanochips that penetrate inside cells as mechanical drugs
Synthetic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS linked to liver damage
Cellular regeneration therapy restores damaged liver tissue faster than ever
New mechanism to transfer chirality between molecules in nanoscale field
New treatment reduces inflammation in multiple sclerosis mice models
Three ERC Advanced Grants for UAB researchers
Commonwealth Bank Pararoos Set To Swap Sydney For Spain
An international consortium, led by IRB Barcelona and biotechnology company Merus
Marine mollusc shells reveal how prehistoric humans adapted to intense climate change
Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism Surpasses 500 Signatories
Brains and brawn helped crows and ravens take over world
Pandemic adversely impacts already stressed national forests
MAGIC telescopes detect vampire star nuclear explosion
Act of sabotage determines mammalian embryonic development
Close bond between two of Spain’s finest female writers brought to life in new stage show
Study sheds new light on origin of civilisation
Converting solar energy to electricity on demand
MIT Energy Conference focuses on climate’s toughest challenges
Researchers identify neuronal mechanisms that control food cravings during pregnancy
Health and environment
Stop ghost fishing: more than 100 extraction operations of lost fishing gears in Catalan coasts
All-time highs in company incorporation and use of spaces in Barcelona Science Park
With new industry, new era for cities
Research assesses health impacts of 2020 lockdowns in three European cities
UAB host meeting with One Health specialists
Study reveals decisive role of PDK1 enzyme in acute myeloid leukaemia
Sniffing out pollution with £2M award