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Human milk from women infected and vaccinated for coronavirus has antibodies against COVID-19
Pollutant concentration increases in franciscana dolphin, one of most threatened species worldwide
New study finds community activists in Brazil’s favelas play a critical role in combatting COVID-19
People’s odds of loneliness could fall by up to half if cities hit 30% green space targets
New excavations in Iberian sites of Kum-Castellet de Banyoles and Coll del Moro in Tivissa
Drone improves odor management in water treatment plants
Marine protected areas contribute to conservation of Audonin’s gull
EMBL external research community survey
Australian-first waste technology now live on Sunshine Coast
In youth, COVID-19 causes more complications than flu; fatality is rate
Tara Srinivas: Examining causes of a rare neurodevelopmental condition
Science and performing arts against stereotypes
European Performing Science Night, a project with involvement of UAB for European Researchers’ Night
Exercise prevents neuronal damage caused by lung cancer therapy
UO ranks second in nation for Gilman Scholarships
ACT becomes highest level of government in world to back Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
Novel nano-encapsulation approach for efficient dopamine delivery in Parkinson¿s treatment
Synchrotron light to unravel history of 15th Century Chinese porcelain
Adam Bandt joins ACT Greens push for international Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
Life Terra, one tree per each inhabitant in European Union
Pioneer EU project to investigate micro and nanoplastics impact and consequences on human health
Researchers identify 33 new genetic variants associated with bipolar disorder
Barriers against malaria
UNWTO gives voice to initiatives of private sector at FITUR 2021
Researchers reconstruct hake¿s evolutionary story
A peptide that allows cannabis-derived drugs to relieve pain without side effects
A stressful life in city affects birds’ genes
IQTCUB study describes a new system to control electronic states of bidimensional organic materials
Alterations in 3D genome structure and effects on fertility revealed
White roofs and more green areas would mitigate effects of heat waves in cities
Calcitriol supplementation in patients with kidney failure is associated with an important decrease
Access to green space may protect against cardiovascular disease
UB becomes a shareholder of Reveal Genomics, a spin-off born to develop innovative diagnostic tests in oncology
Stimulating environments boost brain; now scientists have found genes responsible
A study reveals genetic structure of snail ‘Xerocrassa montserratensis’, an endemic species to Catalonia
Improved air quality during first wave of COVID prevented 150 premature deaths in major Spain cities
People smuggling gang found guilty
Switch of breast tumors to HER2-low in recurrence may provide greater therapeutic options
New monitoring program for marine areas expands its action range to all protected marine areas in Catalonia
An ocean apart, shared engineering projects catalyze a love of STEM
Bringing impact of nutrient imbalance to global attention
Researchers find biogeographical affinity in Cretaceous flora from two islands of old Tethys Ocean
Same drug can have opposite effects on memory according to sexual differences
Food scraps recycling trial extended
Six out of every 10 teachers believe that changing design of classroom is key to improving learning
Prenatal exposure to pesticides increases risk of obesity in adolescence
Effects of storms and COVID-19 on state of rivers in Barcelona area
Researcher awarded funding from Institute for Catalan Studies