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Clinical trials assess best first-line drugs for epilepsy
Pfizer Announces Extension of Review of New Drug Application of Abrocitinib for Treatment of Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis
Mount Sinai Surgeons Perform First Human Tracheal Transplant Surgery
NAAA welcomes recommendations from Senate Inquiry into FASD
How sperm remember
Devastating harms from tobacco use and exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke in pregnancy
WHO: Smoking doubles sudden infant death and birth defects
New campaign highlights there’s no safe amount of alcohol when pregnant
No links between opioids or certain antibiotics in pregnancy and major birth defects
Feeling Their Way: How Migrating Cell Clusters Choose a Path
Biofortified foods fuel healthy microbiome, combat malnutrition
Extend 14-day human embryo research limit to 28 days, urges ethicist
Pfizer shares co-primary endpoint results
Genetically-modified mosquitoes key to stopping Zika virus spread
Minnesota Partnership awards 5 collaborative research grants for 2021
NIH researchers identify new genetic disorder that affects brain, craniofacial skeleton
Exome sequencing for congenital diaphragmatic hernia cases
How to Find Mutated Sperm? Just Go FISH
Safety review of epilepsy medicines in pregnancy – women who may become pregnant urged to discuss treatment options with their
HKUMed discovers a novel gene in causing rare disease “heterotaxy syndrome”
SMART researchers engineer a plant-based sensor to monitor arsenic levels in soil
Genetics of human face begin to reveal underlying profile
Birth defects linked to greater risk of cancer in later life
New toolkit aims to improve global birth defects surveillance
School of Medicine team contributes to special issue of Birth Defects Research
CHOP Fetal Program Wins Two Awards for Excellence in Patient and Family Experience
Sleep disorder drug modafinil linked to increased risk of birth defects and also to reduced effectiveness
Victorians Urged To Get STI Check As We Move To Covid Normal
Predicting long-term effects of prenatal COVID-19 exposure
New Insights Into Facial Birth Defects Are Revealed by Mount Sinai Researchers
Reconstructing cellular signaling pathways that shape trachea development
Flaws emerge in modeling human genetic diseases in animals
Researcher Identifies Genetic Elements Involved in Heart Development
University of Southern California Pediatric Surgeon Aims to Heal Infants Using Stem Cells
How Stem Cells Choose their Careers
Cardiac Arrhythmias Linked to Gene Mutations
Most Infants Are Well Even When Moms are Infected by COVID-19
Rutgers-Led National Survey Uncovers Doctors’ Misconceptions About Nicotine Risks
$1.35M for world-first needle-free Zika virus vaccine
Breakthrough in eliminating dengue, other mosquito-borne diseases
Antibiotics may lessen effectiveness of hormonal contraception
Lack of females in drug dose trials leads to overmedicated women
Language key to bridging health
Two pediatricians share Weill Cornell’s Drukier Prize
CHOP Mama Care Program Helps Moms Reach Lactation Goals
Visible health warning welcomed
When many act as one, data-driven models can reveal key behaviors
Ministers urged to approve effective pregnancy health warning on alcohol labels