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Miniscule robots of metal and plastic
Helping preterm babies avoid brain damage
Severe infections wreak havoc on mouse blood cell production
Blood clots in heart are common in patients with COVID-19
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Researchers Reverse Severe Lymphatic Disorder in Patient with Noonan Syndrome by Targeting Genetic Pathway
A bypass route for coronary vessels in heart?
New 3D colour X-rays made possible with CERN technology
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Pancreatic Cancer Takes Lives of Beloved U.S. Icons
Protein in blood may predict prognosis, recovery from stroke
HRI expands research into inflammation and blood pressure disorders
Flaws emerge in modeling human genetic diseases in animals
Understanding malaria
Researchers model how novel coronavirus causes severe symptoms of COVID-19
New insight into a placental gene pathway and its association with vitamin D
‘Organ on a chip’ is wave of future
Implantable sensor could measure bodily functions — and then safely biodegrade
Unique mental health and brain impacts of COVID-19
Asian ethnicity strongly linked to COVID-related stroke
Effective new approach for treating people affected by diabetic eye disease
Evenings with Genetics – Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
New Hope for Alzheimer’s Disease
Bone hormone, new treatment for heart rhythm disorder?
Why it takes guts to protect brain against infection
Cancer treatment could be replicated for COVID-19
Polymer derived from material in shrimp’s shells could deliver anti-cancer drugs to tumor sites
University of Southern California leads new artificial intelligence study of Alzheimer’s disease
Big Impact: Sandra Davern
Neutron Research: Shape of Red Blood Cells Influences Oxygen Transport
Small brain device proves big game changer for severely paralysed patients
Brain and spine fluid proteomics may hold Alzheimer’s clues
Age and pre-existing conditions increase risk of stroke among COVID-19 patients
Specific and Rapid Expansion of Blood Vessels
Untangling impact of sildenafil on unborn babies
Malaria parasites hide out in humans when it’s not mosquito season
Modeling safer, more effective cardio implant devices
All vessels are different – new knowledge on their building blocks can lead to better treatments
Cutting-edge tech propels cardiac surgery forward
Novel bioresorbable, tissue-healing surgical device approved by FDA
Lab team develops first-ever living 3D-printed aneurysm to improve surgical procedures, personalize treatments
Medical device using Northwestern-invented biomaterial receives FDA clearance
‘Less pain’ to remove tonsils
During development, stress fibers help cells keep their shape-and may also regulate size
How deadly parasites ‘glide’ into human cells
Ancient tiny teeth reveal first mammals lived more like reptiles
Revealing Reason Behind Jet Formation at Tip of Laser Optical Fiber
Three Reasons Why COVID-19 Can Cause Silent Hypoxia