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Female Athletes’ Eating & Menstrual Issues Linked to Injuries & Career End
Report Exposes Sexual Harassment Faced by Black & Minoritised Girls in UK
Minister of Health Commemorates World Obesity Day 2023
School Nurses Can Help ID, Support Youth with Eating Disorders
Reducing Social Media Use Improves Body Image for Teens, Young Adults
New strategy by young people for young people
Positive Force of Instagram for Women with Mental Illness: Concordia
Eating Disorders Can Affect All Ages Due to Body Dissatisfaction
Male Adolescents and Young Adults Prone to Muscle Dysmorphia
Research Finds Women with Body Dissatisfaction Observe Thinner Figures More
Body Positive Content Can Boost Body Image: Study
Small exposure to body positive content can improve body image
Corrective surgery improves quality of life of breast cancer patients
Social media aids quest for beauty perfection
Real benefits of walking in winter wonderland
Wrist-mounted camera captures entire body in 3D
Wearable wristband captures entire body in 3D
Disconnection, not teens’ screen time, is problem
TikTok perpetuates toxic diet culture among teens and young adults
Social media damages appearance satisfaction
Social media use and poor wellbeing feed into each other in a vicious cycle
Humor and body image linked
Link between humor and women’s body image: Research
Top surgery, chest dysphoria among transmasculine, nonbinary adolescents, young adults
Fighting negative body image issues in kids and teens
2 in 3 parents say their child is self-conscious about their appearance
‘Cluey’ Aussie teens reject unrealistic body standards on social media
Poster series showing men as carers
Research could lead to better education and treatment of sexual health for breast cancer patients
Feminism may lead to better body image
Robot learns to imagine itself
Is netball actually bad for knees and ankles?
Theatre gives children body image boost
New guidelines address treatment of pre-invasive lesions of vulva
New pediatric obesity program makes treatment more accessible
Cancer survivorship program aims to marry research, clinical care
Black girls commonly have negative experiences related to their natural hair
Young Canberrans empowered to access mental health support
People lifting weights to look good risk reverse anorexia
Plus-Size Model Credits OnlyFans with Boosting Body Confidence & Positivity
Study links Muscle-building to weapon carrying and physical fighting
Young people cite social media as main reason for worsening mental health
RACGP calls for greater regulation of cosmetic surgery
How government is supporting online consumers
Study Reveals How Parents Talk About Their Teen’s Weight, and How Teens Feel About It
Flexible sport uniform policies keep girls in game
Major law changes to protect people from scam adverts online
Top OnlyFans Model Reveals Weirdest Requests From Fans