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Monash Youth Survey: report released
Sellafield Ltd invests £1.8 million to transform community mental health support
Nature helps us cope with body image ‘threats’
New treatment leads to much less overeating
Study launches to compare back brace treatment for children with scoliosis
Concerned about overeating? Here’s what you need to know about food addiction
Appearance fixation is linked to dating anxiety
How can we make our housing less heteronormative?
Lights, camera and jobs action
Parents taught about online impact on teen mental health
1/3 of children ages 7-9 use social media apps
Scientists deliver nanozymes into epidermis with dissolvable microneedles for rapid hair regeneration
Young people help shape draft Youth Strategy
Instagram can make teens feel bad about their body, but parents can help. Here’s how
Just ‘like’ me: Envy in young women fuelled by social media
New strategy and research centre to support Australians with eating disorders
Facebook, Instagram must be compelled to act in best interests of kids
Research Worlds Collide to Find Richer Link Between Body Image and Income
Gut and heart signals affect how we see ourselves
Online, video-based exercise program can help with postpartum abdominal bulge and back pain
Weight Stigma: 2020-2021 National Survey
Research reveals that exposure to sexualized images on Instagram leads to greater body dissatisfaction
Closeness with dads may play special role in how kids weather adolescence
Researchers to explore impact of gender and body image on post-surgery pain
Increased video call usage is making us unhappy with how we look
Apple Fitness+ releases new episodes of Time to Walk starting June 28
Perfectionists more likely to suffer from body dissatisfaction
UConn Health Specialty Helps Cancer Survivors Thrive
Strassman hits sweet spot: new show coming to Venue 114
Can women curate their social media feed to protect mental health?
Author Roxane Gay to give Convocation address May 28
Counsellor, educator, supporter, nurse
RADF grants help propel creative Townsville projects
Study highlights risks of anxiety and depression after cardiac device implantation
How marriage is impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis among African American women
Direction of needle penetration in brain affects drug uptake, finds new study
Swinburne researchers conduct largest investigation into cognitive functioning in body dysmorphic disorder
Study exposes muscle mania stronghold on Australian young people
Why a new bill that reshapes Colorado recovery support services matters
Impact of ultra-thin dolls on girls’ body image
Mural celebrates women in all forms
Updated AMA Policy on Advertising and Public Endorsement
Toowoomba ceramicist explores body forms in debut solo exhibition
Advancing power, tradition of poetry for social change
Mirror, mirror on monitor
How smartphone photos influence young people’s sense of identity
Focus on sleep quality, over social media quantity, to improve young people’s well-being
Men tuning into Insta-spiration