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FDA Must Clarify Dense Breast Notifications for Public
Scientists Map Genetic Evolution of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia to Richter’s Syndrome
Research reveals non-heavy alcohol use linked to liver fibrosis
New Receptor “Decoy” Drug Neutralizes COVID-19 Virus and Its Variants
New receptor ‘cap’ drug neutralizes Covid virus and its variants
Research reveals mutations that may contribute to increased liver disease in patient populations
New Breed of Nonhormonal Birth Control
Malnutrition before and at initiation of treatment for tuberculoslinked to adverse outcomes
Moving toward More Empathetic Maternal Mental Health Care
Healthcare workers in Massachusetts favor strategies that support education and reliable community-based communication to increase
Research provides insight into development of human triple-negative breast cancer
Family involvement can lead to better patient outcomes in psychotherapy
BU Astrophysicist Joins NASA Team to Study UFOs
Neuroimmune proteins can serve as biomarkers for diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases
Study: Automation drives income inequality
COP must reverse rising pessimism over building sector decarbonisation, new study argues
COP must reverse rising pessimism over building sector decarbonization, new study argues
Markesbery Symposium continues to honor legacy of its namesake
POV: Local Climate Action Matters Now More than Ever
Traffic congestion may contribute to lower birthweight
Incarceration of parent linked to worse access to health care for millions of US children
Should You Watch 2022 FIFA World Cup despite Host Qatar’s “Serious Human Rights Problems”?
Urgency, Accountability, and Private Jets at UN Climate Summit COP27
Limited postpartum follow-up may miss high blood pressure in 1 in 10 new moms
Maintaining masking requirements at Boston Public Schools protected students, staff
Warning Signs of Early Death Found in Veterans with Severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Why Veterans Remain at Greater Risk of Homelessness
BEST-CLI clinical trial indicates optimal treatment for patients with limb threatening ischemia
Surgery is best to prevent amputations in certain people with poor leg circulation
Study reinforces need for greater coordination in heart attack care
Extreme temperatures take deadly toll on people in Texas prisons, study finds
Optically-generated focused ultrasound for noninvasive brain stimulation with ultrahigh precision
Researchers develop novel platform to improve immunotherapy
In machine learning, synthetic data can offer real performance improvements
Saltzman formally elevated to Space Force’s highest position
Finding solution to obesity
Research reviews evidence of racism in emergency medicine, sets research agenda
Among African American Women Voters, Optimism Is Its Own Superpower
It’s time to stop creating ‘superbugs’ in lab
Model reveals where women lost access to abortion after Dobbs
Machine learning facilitates “turbulence tracking” in fusion reactors
Genetic score predicts risk of lethal prostate cancer
Proximity to heavy traffic congestion linked to lower infant birthweight, OSU study finds
Use of e-cigarettes had negative cardiovascular effects similar to smoking cigarettes
Companies’ ‘deforestation-free’ supply chain pledges have barely impacted forest clearance in Amazon
Black Patients with Atrial Fibrillation More Likely to Experience Adverse Outcomes
Research uncovers mechanisms necessary for Covid infection in macrophages
CO2 ventilation breakthrough could turn city rooftops into bumper vegetable gardens