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Cotton-based Electrocatalyst Offers New Solution for Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Spiro Metalla-aromatic system Features Craig-Mobius Aromaticity
Researchers Unveil Geological History of Three Great Asian Plateaus
Scientists Uncover Last Meal of a Cretaceous Pollinator
Three Satellite Payloads Ready for China’s First Atmospheric Monitoring Satellite
Single-atom Electrocatalyst Synthesized with N-doped Holey Carbon Matrix for Zinc-air Batteries
Warming-induced Carbon Emission May Be Less than Previously Assumed
Unusual fossil reveals last meal of prehistoric pollinator
X-Ray Study Recasts Role of Battery Material from Cathode to Catalyst
Study Reveals Function and Molecular Mechanism of Metabolite Creatine in Cancer Metastasis
LAMOST Releases Its DR8 Data
Discoveries on Vitis amurensis Genome May Shed Light on Cold Tolerance of Grapevine Breeding
Small Telescopes, Big Science
Conceptualizing “safe and just” for future of planet and its people
Dual-bed Catalyst Enables High Conversion of Syngas to Gasoline-range Liquid Hydrocarbons
New Bionic Pain-perception System for Effective E-Skin Protection
Cynanchum hubeiense, Rare Plant Endemic to Hubei Province, Discovered
Forum strengthens NZ-China non communicable diseases research collaborations
Research finds first clues to start of Earth’s supercontinent cycle
Chemical cocktail creates new avenues for muscle stem cell therapies
New study investigates how life on land recovered after “The Great Dying”
Scientists explain increasing lushness in drylands as global temperatures climb
Under climate stress, human innovation set stage for population surge
An mRNA vaccine for cancer immunotherapy
Underestimated mutation potential of retrogenes
Salt battery design overcomes ‘bump’ in road to help electric cars go extra mile
Toxin-antitoxin function fuels antibiotic-resistance research
Scientists reveal novel mechanism for different parasitic strategies among parasitoid species
Amber-encased fossil shines light on evolution of bioluminescent insects
Building a Giant 2D Map of Universe to Prepare for Largest 3D Map
“Old Faithful” cosmic eruption shows black hole ripping at star
World-first echidna, improved platypus genomes mapped
New defence against dengue and emerging mosquito-borne viruses
HKU Engineering scholar reveals in first global study hugely uneven urbanization among large cities
Bio-inspired Endoscope Provides 3D Visible and Near-Infrared Images Simultaneously
Climate warming linked to tree leaf unfolding and flowering growing apart
Physicists Hong Qin and Ahmed Diallo recognized for outstanding research achievements
New map provides scientists with head start on how to destroy cancer-related enzymes rather than just block them
NUS engineers invent fast and safe way to store natural gas for useful applications
HKU partners with Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to set up Joint Laboratory of Marine Ecology
Creating knowledge across disciplinary boundaries
Former piece of Pacific Ocean floor imaged deep beneath China
UB takes part in genome sequencing of all birds worldwide
HKU Science launches double degree elite programme 6688 Science Master Class Incubating next generation
HKU becomes an associate partner of East Asian Observatory strategically enhancing its research
Study confirms Denisovan presence on ‘the roof of world’
Antarctica yields oldest fossils of giant birds with 21-foot wingspans
Wileys Open Science Ambassador Program Encourages Scientific Collaboration