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HKUST Appoints Prof. Nancy IP as Fifth President
IAP Releases Datasets of Frequent Marine Heatwaves in Most Ocean Regions during Last Two Decades
Study Reveals High Turnover and Rescue Effect of Scaffold Protein in Response to Heavy-ion Radiation
How Do Typhoons Trigger Coastal Algal Blooms?
Policy, farm management help China mitigate climate change
Ferns and Lycophytes Are Effectively Conserved in Protected Areas of Xishuangbanna
Global Spatiotemporal Continuous Land Surface Temperature Dataset Released
Microplastics Threaten Typical Remote Cryospheric Regions
How Does Light Turn Peach Peels Red?
How Does Light Turn Peach Peels Red?
Researchers Reveal Multi-scale Characteristics of Helicity in Wall-bounded Turbulent Flows
For wetland plants, sea-level rise stamps out benefits of higher CO2
Heavy Smoking Patients With Schizophrenia Have Less Cognitive Symptoms
Scientists Unravel Inducement of Non-specific Occurrence of Multidrug-resistance
Researchers Reveal Composition of Incense Used in Buddhist Ritual in Tang Dynasty
Researchers Present Band Crossover and Magnetic Phase Diagram of Superconducting Ba2CuO4-δ
New Report: Patenting Booms for Clean “Hydrogen Fuel Cell” Technologies for Transport
Increases in Planting Density Tend to Decrease Water Use Efficiency of Rubber Trees
Research Completes Chloroplast Genome of Coleanthus subtilis: Protected Rare Species
CAS3: Next-generation Micro-expression Database with Depth Information and High Ecological Validity
Economic Growth Raises Happiness in China Since 1990s
Novel Focusing Technology Developed to Improve Ion Transmission Efficiency of Mass Spectrometers
Heterogeneous Ethylene Hydroformylation Enables Highly-efficient Industrial Production of Propanal/n-Propanol
Study Reveals Evolution of Thoracotremata
Study Provides Methods for Obtaining Source Apportionment of Soil Heavy Metals
Novel Zeolites-silver Catalyst Boosts Formaldehyde Oxidation at Low Temperatures
Study Reveals Immunomodulatory Effects of Parasitic Dinoflagellate Hematodinium on Crustacean Hemocytes
Researchers Reveal Molecular Mechanism of ZDHHC18-mediated Palmitoylation of cGAS to Inhibit Innate Immunity
Scientists Improve Precision of Pion Helium Spectroscopic Theory to New Record
Ultrafast Dynamics of Topological Material Probed under Pressure
Study Reveals How Midkine Suppresses AMPK during Cancer Progression
Researchers Investigate Low Emission Mode in Pulsar
Remote Sensing Facilitates Sustainability of Bagan Heritage Site, Myanmar
Motivation/Pleasure Deficits but not Expression Impairments Contribute to Social Dysfunction
D-peptide Ligand of Y1 Receptor Developed for Targeting Gliomas
Study Reveals Corrosion Characteristic and Mechanism of Magnesium Alloys in Marine Atmospheric Environment
Photosynthesis unaffected by increasing carbon dioxide channels in plant membranes
Researchers Investigate Mixing Fraction in Classical Novae
Latest climate models tend to overestimate future Afro-Asian monsoon rainfall and runoff
Sinhcaf-dependent Histone Deacetylation Being Essential for Primordial Germ Cell Specification
Study Provides New Insights into Steelmaking Off-gas Treatment
Environmental Education and Advocacy: Complementary Strategy for Rural Development and Conservation
Scientists Develop Highly Sensitive SERS Substrate for Gas Sensing
Study Reveals Pulse-to-pulse Energy Distribution and Longitude-resolved Modulation Properties of FAST-CRAFTS pulsar
Wuling Mountains Act as Corridor for Woody Species Exchange
Global Calibration Benchmark Network for Remote Sensors Completed
Researchers Fabricate Filter with Waste Maize Straw for Efficient Phosphate Removal
NIR-II-responsive Nickel-based Therapy Provides New Solution for Synergistic Oncotherapy