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Researchers Propose New Method for Absolute Calibration of Multi-mode Satellite Navigation Receiver Delay
Novel Strategy to Synthesize Low-molecular-weight and High Trans-1,4 Polyisoprene
Scientists Propose New Source for Rare Subatomic Particles
Researchers Design Cesium Manganese Bromides Nanocrystals with Color-tunable Emission
Scientists Explore Dynamics behind Exceptional Summer 2020 Yangtze River Rainfall Seasonal Projections
Non-stop Signal Achieved in High-power Er3+-doped Mid-infrared Lasers
Singlet Oxygen Selectively Degrades Oxytetracycline in Fenton-like Oxidation
Scientists observe dynamics behind exceptional summer 2020 Yangtze River rainfall seasonal projections
Paleonursery offers rare, detailed glimpse at life 518 million years ago
Distinct Methylome Patterns Contribute to Lotus Ecotypic Differentiation
Researchers Perform Metabolomic Profiling of Individual Enlarged Lysosomes
Characterization Strategy Helps in High-purity Metal Separation
Researchers Fabricate Bio-friendly X-ray Detectors based on Metal-free Perovskite Single Crystals
Light-sensitive Protein in Eye of Birds is Magnetically Sensitive as well
Researchers Reveal New Mechanism Underlying Pyroptosis Induced by Yersinia Infection
New Findings Unveil a Missing Piece of Human Prehistory
Improve photosynthesis performance via photosystem II-based biomimetic assembly
Researchers Resolve Magnetic Structures of Different Topological Semimetals
Researchers Clarify Role of Ethylene and Abscisic Acid in Kiwifruit Ripening Process
Study Reveals Formation Mechanism of First Carbon-carbon Bond in Methanol-to-Olefins Process
Tiny ancient bird from China shares skull features with Tyrannosaurus rex
IOP Publishing and Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory launch open access journal – Materials Futures
Threatened by Sun’s Superflare? LAMOST and TESS Help to Find Answer
Researchers Prepare Radiation Resistance of Er-doped Silica Glass and Optical Fiber
Novel Transition Metal Nitrides Material Developed for High Performance Lithium-ion Batteries
Scientists Discover Novel Oncogenic Driver Gene in Human Lung Cancer
Ramanome Database Can Help Mining Microalgal Cell Factories for Reducing Carbon Emissions
Climate Change May Lead to More Landfalling Tropical Cyclones in China
Infrared Light-responsive Controlled-release Pesticide Helps to Regulate Pesticide Release
Researchers Propose New Unified Equation for Compton Scattering
New Discovery Shows Tibet as Crossroads for Giant Rhino Dispersal
Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Structures Uncover Mechanisms of Class C GPCR Dimerization and Activation
Engineer Develops Lab-on-Paper SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic by CRISPR
Scientists Report Efficient Utilization of Waste Paper for Cellulase Production by Trichoderma longiflorum
Hydrophobic Copper Catalyst to Mitigate Electrolyte Flooding
Novel Feedstock to Surpass HMF for Simultaneous Production of FDCA and Hydrogen
Groundwater Depths Affect Nutrient Resorption of Desert Phreatophyte
Researchers Design Sensors to Detect Amorphous Protein Aggregation
Newly Developed Ion-conducting Membrane Improves Performance of Alkaline-zinc Iron Flow Batteries
LAMOST Discovers 135 New O-type Stars
Plant Functional Traits May better Explain Liana Species Distributions
Researchers Uncover New Regulatory Mechanism for Skin Hair Regeneration Capacity
Researchers Report Complete Chloroplast Genome of Clethra fargesii Franch
Meteorologists Improve Multivariable Integrated Evaluation Method for Climate Model
Climate Models Can Predict Decadal Rainfall Variations on Tibetan Plateau
Researchers realize unconventional coherent control of solid-state spin qubits
Researchers Decipher Role of Rare and Abundant Bacteria on Ecosystem Multifunctionality in Salinized Soils
First Book on Gamow Shell Model Published