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AI-Assisted Analysis Reveals New CAR-T Cell Targets for AML
Backup mechanism in immune cells
Improved Workplace Support Reduces Burnout in Health Professionals
AI could speed up discovery of new medicines
University of Adelaide community recognised in Australia Day honours
Actin Impacts Cancer Spread in Multiple Ways
Policies Needed to Support Mental Health of Healthcare Workers
500,000 missed out on blood pressure lowering drugs during pandemic
500,000 Missed Out on BP-Lowering Drugs During Pandemic
Scientists Revise FDA Equation for More Accurate Drug Interactions
Nutraceuticals May Help Fight Cancer: Synergy Exploited
Scientists Refine FDA Equation for Drug Interaction Predictions
Long COVID: New evidence for cause of fatigue syndrome
Pharmacology education must focus on 25 core concepts, finds study
Some benefits, potential risks with alternative medicines for heart failure
Some benefits, potential risks of alternative medicines for heart failure
Overuse of in-hospital blood pressure medications
Scientists alter fentanyl, aim to make it less lethal, less addictive
Toxic poppy seeds are sending people to hospital
Key to erroneous activation of immune system
Cytoskeleton acts as cells’ bouncer for bacteria
Blood pressure medication effective at any time of day
IPS colleagues win major awards at international PharmSci conference
Continuity of care associated with improved prescribing for patients at risk of heart disease
Healthcare workers more than three times more likely to have experienced burnout during Covid pandemic
Groundbreaking research hopes to personalise treatment for cancer patients
Scientists Create Long-acting Injectable Drug Delivery System for Tuberculosis
New energy for flagging immune cells
Study highlights rising tide in adverse drug reactions
Defining plasma dose for potential future cancer treatments
First Exposure initiative provides critical resources for maternal, reproductive and child health in Ontario
Toolkit to tackle potentially deadly opioid over prescription to be rolled out across parts of England
Unvaccinated individuals with heart problems up to 9 times more likely to die or suffer serious complications from Covid
Dietary Supplement You’re Taking Could be Tainted with Prescription Medications and Dangerous Hidden Ingredients
Personalised testing for safety and effectiveness of common medicines must be offered throughout NHS, says new report
New report calls for personalised testing for safety and effectiveness of common medicines throughout NHS
New report finds personalised testing of common medicines must be offered throughout NHS
Personalized testing for safety and effectiveness of common medicines must be offered throughout health service
Clinical experts offer advice on prescribing cannabis medicines to patients with epilepsy
New strategy for Covid prophylaxis
Are medicines affecting our response to infections like Covid?
British Pharmacological Society renews partnership with Wiley
Blood Levels of Common Antiepileptic Drugs Drop During Pregnancy, Causing Breakthrough Seizures
Regular paracetamol use linked to raised blood pressure
Regular paracetamol use linked to higher blood pressure
New test can detect deadly genetic mutation in cats
Study Reveals How Migraine Pain Signals Are Generated-and Blocked
Low-cost drug Heparin effective and safe treatment for Covid