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Analysis: Trump White House NDAs are likely unconstitutional
Efficacy, politics influence public trust in COVID-19 vaccine
Light pollution alters predator-prey interactions between cougars and mule deer in western US
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Sheila Widnall: A lifetime exploring unknown
Police make drug arrests, Gladstone 9 October
Adult University hosting 2020 election seminar
In Trump’s own case of COVID-19, narrative matters more than truth
Otago Coastal Area Police urge motorists to slow down
Tweeting About Trump, Searching for Biden: Online Activity Shows Contrast between Candidates
Whale washed ashore on Pakiri beach
Biden outperforms Trump in highly contentious first presidential debate, study finds
Tenders called for four-lane section of East Derwent Highway
New Zealand First fully exonerated of all SFO charges
Global partnership to make available 120 million affordable
Complications from diabetes linked to worse memory, IQ in children
EPFL’s Predikon: predicting voting results with machine learning
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ’54 dies
Partnerships strengthen security forces capabilities
Increased spending helps step up footpath construction
Political ads have little persuasive power
New deputy mayor after yearly Council elections
How University helped refugees strike down Safe Third Country Agreement in a federal court
Real-time data for a better response to disease outbreaks
U.S. President Trump Approves Iowa Disaster Declaration
Secretary Pompeo With Andreas Pfeifer of ORF TV
Where should Orange’s next playground be built?
Book casts doubt on notion of ‘imperial presidency’
Battleground state poll shows Biden leading Trump in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
Government says beavers can stay in their Devon home
Twitter users may have changed their behavior after contact with Russian trolls
Oak Ridge researcher traces ties to Manhattan Project and incredible story of USS Indianapolis
Test out an electric bike and make switch
Physicists develop technology to transform information from microwaves to optical light
SecAF visits JB Langley-Eustis
Statement from White House Press Secretary Regarding Executive Grant of Clemency for Roger Stone, Jr
Trump Holds 4-Point Lead Over Biden, University of Texas/Texas Politics Project Poll Says
7 reasons why hosting FIFA Women’s World Cup is awesome
How conspiracy theories emerge – and how their storylines fall apart
Panel: Protests ‘a defining moment’ in quest for racial justice
Dyess AFB Airmen revolutionize C-130 maintenance
Partisanship shapes Tennesseans’ coronavirus views: Vanderbilt Poll
Nashville residents rally to city leaders amid pandemic, but worry about economy – Vanderbilt Poll
MIT builds community for Africa Takes On Covid-19 challenge