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Government backs bold leadership of UK Atomic Energy Authority
Nobel class cosmology researcher honoured
“Nobel class” cosmology researcher honoured
Five things we’re doing to help prevent spread of Covid-19
Durham ranked sixth in UK
Mapping our wasted heat
Research to shed light on UK care home COVID-19 deaths
Research to shed light on COVID-19 deaths in UK care homes
Royal visit for bio-detection dogs
Durham University in UK top five of prestigious league table
Rationing might be recommended for future pandemics
Understanding past warming can limit climate change effects
How effective are primate conservation measures?
Migrating bird populations affected by climate and land changes
Volunteers needed for COVID-19 detection dog trial
World leading scholars honoured
Coffee stains inspire new printing technique
Coffee stains inspire optimal printing technique for electronics
Secretary of State has appointed Professor Roger Bland, OBE, and Dr Megan Gooch as Chair and Trustee of Treasure
Responding to Covid-19 domestic abuse crisis
Britain’s first Viking helmet discovered
Enabling researchers to innovate in business
Volunteers from North West England needed for COVID-19 detection dog trial
Enabling researchers to innovate in business
Scientists find new way to kill tuberculosis
University spin-out wins prestigious award
Nature inspires first manufactured non-cuttable material
English speakers some of least likely to wear face masks
Galaxy evolution research among most cited of past decade
Study reveals long-term impact of rugby injuries
Why better guidance on school PE is needed
Revealing atmospheric impact of planetary collisions
Report calls for higher education to empower Muslim voices
How partnerships help us make a difference
Positive culture change in family firms
Baboons do not view researchers as neutral
Reducing racial bias in facial recognition
Why term “Super-spreader” can be stigmatising and unhelpful
Transforming vacuums into ventilators
Culture of Women in Tech
Decarbonising heat research receives over £4 million in funding
New research reveals how water in deep Earth triggers earthquakes and tsunamis
How water could trigger earthquakes and volcanoes
Testing cheaper than lockdown
How earthquakes shape landscape
First space-based measurement of neutron lifetime
Environmental business initiative receives £120,000 funding boost
Black hole’s heart still beating