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Sugar could help repair artificial human joints
Repeated concussions in professional rugby players linked to poor mental health post retirement
UK Government backs ground-breaking space technology to tackle climate change
New Trustees appointed to Board of Museum of Home
Astrophysicists Reveal Largest-Ever Suite of Universe Simulations
Marieke de Goede appointed dean of Faculty of Humanities
Tackling ‘Moothane’ problem – cutting greenhouse gas from livestock
Bacteria can develop strong immunity for protection against viruses
5-sigma standard model anomaly is possible
Research of first published African American doctor revealed
Bigger nursery for solar system’s first formed solids
UK ministers appoint new members to Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board
Bristol manuscript fragments of famous Merlin legend among oldest of their kind
N8 CIR pushes for diversity in High Performance Computing following prestigious accreditation
Galaxies’ inner secrets revealed in record detail by Lofar
Study shows building bonds between males leads to more offspring for chimpanzees
New funding to revitalise research impacted by Covid
More tolerant primates have greater need to communicate vocally, new study shows
Unraveling knotty problem of Sun’s activity
Dark matter: ‘real stuff’ or gravity misunderstood?
A Green and Tidy Move Out
Impact of lead in children of Roman Empire
Sensors shown to accurately detect odour ‘fingerprint’ of COVID-19 infections with up to 100% accuracy
Private schools receive more investment per pupil
Workers more likely to challenge unethical behaviour if their boss is ethical too
Does a mother’s stress and depression affect how her unborn baby moves?
Durham moves up in QS World University Rankings
New X-ray map reveals growing supermassive black holes in next-gen survey fields
Astronomers apply their skills to cancer research
Developed in Durham: Magnitude Biosciences
Counting down to COP26 climate change summit
Can echolocation help people with vision loss?
Developed in Durham: Sphera
£44 million cash boost to cut emissions from buildings and help households save on energy bills
Helping our region bounce back
Better peatland management could cut half a billion tons of carbon
Can height of your house reduce malaria?
Developed in Durham: Applied Graphene Materials
Creating a tranquil place for critically ill patients
Can women curate their social media feed to protect mental health?
Covid, creativity, and caprice: finding a new way in new normal
Mapping universe in 3D
Developed in Durham:
Inspiring next generation of space scientists
Supporting business through astronomy
Furthering exploration of space
Building a universe in a supercomputer
Impacting life on Earth