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Long-Term Study of Pregnant Women Finds Increasing Chemical Exposure
Mouse stem cells for primitive endoderm established
New cell therapy approach to regenerate cardiac tissue following heart attack
Scientists Detect Common Fungicide in Pregnant Women and Children
Does autism begin in womb?
Mother and child vulnerable to endocrine disruptor exposure
An epigenetic cause of miscarriages is identified and cured in mice
Parental type 1 diabetes can affect children’s cognitive development
Lack of knowledge led to Covid vaccination hesitancy during pregnancy
Study links Inflammation markers to Covid during pregnancy may signal adverse impacts to long-term infant health
For neurons, where they begin isn’t necessarily where they end
Role of genes in prenatal responses to air pollution
Wildfire Smoke Exposure in Early Pregnancy Affects Infant Monkey Behavior
Scientists identify shuttle protein required for nuclear import of proteins essential for organ growth and development
Brazilian babies born with Zika virus syndrome at greater risk of death
Placenta may hold clues for early autism diagnosis and intervention
Paternal alcohol use increases frequency of fetal development issues
Researchers shed light on how fetal alcohol exposure increases risk of development disorders
Reconstructable Uterus-derived Materials Help Uterine Factor Infertility
Tracking stress in pregnant moms, for their child’s health
Single blood sample can detect women at risk of pre-eclampsia
Chemicals from hair and beauty products impact hormones, especially during pregnancy
Study shows gender skew in digital info for new parents
UNC Awarded $8.2-million Grant to Study Brain, Behavior Development in Children
Beyond genetics: Early nutrition and epigenetic prediction of future health outcomes in humans
$8 million NIH grant awarded to Vanderbilt researchers for study of infant/child brain development
Lab-grown ‘mini brains’ hint at treatments for neurodegenerative diseases
Lab-grown ‘mini brains’ hint at potential treatment options for motor neurone disease and frontotemporal dementia
How our unique brain takes shape during mid-pregnancy
Take care with paracetamol when pregnant – but don’t let pain or fever go unchecked
Organoid success finds potential target for future treatment of biliary atresia
Researchers discover unexpected blind spot of immune system
Researchers explore effects of weed in womb
Heat stress in dairy cows damages health of calves
Brain organoids mimic head size changes linked to type of autism
Mechanism Underlying Most Common Cause of Epileptic Seizures Revealed
Providing vitamins to SE Asian women can boost infant health
New study sheds light on development and evolution of dolphin, whale blowholes
Fetal development of brain identified down to smallest detail
Study links Research refutes suspicion that dengue increases risk of microcephaly to zika
Hydration can impact pregnancy and birth outcomes
Women who vape are more likely to have low-birthweight babies, study shows
Adelaide uni leaders honoured for health research excellence
Air pollution exposure during pregnancy may boost babies’ obesity risk
Does a mother’s stress and depression affect how her unborn baby moves?
Scientists can predict which women will have serious pregnancy complications
Better choice of contraceptives can prevent breast cancer
Penn Researchers Use Arcuate Organoids to Study Development and Disease of Hypothalamus