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AMA & DEA urge health sector to lead on climate change
New AMA President says Australians should have high expectations of healthcare
Following collaborative project, Commission clarifies bullying and harassment roles and responsibilities
Bird behavior influenced by human activity during Covid lockdowns
For Older Patients with Blood Cancer Taking Multiple Medications, New Tool Links Use of Certain Medications to Risk of Frailty
Greater Shepparton Councillors share personal stories of success in local government handbook
COVID19 update 10 August 2022
Western Australia Covid update as 11 August
New scholarship program to help registered nurses and midwives further their career
Traditional Chinese medicine reduces side effect of cancer treatment
When Telemedicine Isn’t Solution
Mount Sinai Launches Medical-Legal Program to Address Health-Harming Legal Needs Among Patients
Supporting prevention, preparedness and response to global pandemics
South Australia Covid update as at 11 August 2022
Surprise discovery shows you may inherit more from your mum than you think
Research demonstrates combination of betadine and silver colloidal gel effectively eliminates infection-causing bacteria
What is this new Langya virus? Do we need to be worried?
Sepsis is serious during pregnancy, but thankfully it is still rare
Government and health sector leadership on climate change needed
Covid Antivirals Telehealth & Resources
RACGP: Free falling bulk-billing rates sign of things to come
NSW new have your say on Mental Health Line
WA Health: Monkeypox virus update 11 August
Namatjira Avenue and New Merinee Dog Health Day
Smoke-free pilot to give women’s prison fresh start
Finalists in Health Minister’s Award for Nursing Trailblazers announced 11 August
Omicron wave pushes office occupancy backwards
Remembering Olivia Newton-John and Judith Durham – Aussie Queens of song
Canada and industry partners taking action to reduce wait times at Canadian airports
Monoclonal antibody reduces asthma attacks in urban youth
Blood-based biomarkers help predict outcomes after traumatic brain Injury
Blood Tests in Newly Brain-Injured Patients Predict Death, Severe Disability
Mumbai Declaration on Sugary Drinks and Healthy Food
Saint Vincent and Grenadines to Strengthen its Health System Resilience with World Bank Support
Improved 000 call triage service for Victoria’s aged care homes
Minorities bore disproportionate mental health impact of pandemic
Grant enables new programme for children living with anxiety
Commonwealth Games Team Inspires Australia to Victoria 2026
Clinical and Public Health Microbiology Mentors
We need to talk about monkeypox without shame and blame
Why migrant and refugee women and children remain in shadows of health reforms in New Zealand
Federal Health Agencies Unveil National Tool to Measure Health Impacts of Environmental Burdens
How bacteria defuze hypothiocyanite, antimicrobial weapon of innate immune system
Quality of life with multiple sclerosis may depend on several factors
Johns Hopkins Researchers Find Link Between Dementia and Atrial Cardiopathy
UCI-led research finds circadian clock influences cell growth, metabolism and tumor progression
Scientists identify mechanism crucial for Covid virus replication
UCI-led study finds computation-guided approach to suppressing cancer tumor growth