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Dry feed for superfood producers
Looking to get rid of pesky pests? Make sure you ask to see a technician’s pesticide licence first
Western Oregon conifers continue to show damage due to drought
Research reveals bitter truth of how limonoids are made
Calicivirus release to have feral rabbits on hop
£25m Flood Risk Management Scheme for Carlisle gets underway
Council adds first electric vehicle to its fleet
Forestry practice inspired by wildfire could help save grizzly bears, study shows
Emerald ash borer confirmed in Oromocto, New Brunswick
Plants defend against insects by inducing ‘leaky gut syndrome’
Fruit flies find their way by setting navigational goals
Wimmera workshop to win war on weevils
Why you shouldn’t kill your friendly neighbourhood spiders
Ancient defence strategy continues to protect plants from pathogens
Early arrival of spring disrupts mutualism between plants and pollinators
Chemicals found in fungus could help in battle against mountain pine beetle
Asian hornet identified in south Hampshire
Logan Art Gallery unveils new exhibitions
Virus genes help determine if pea aphids get wings
June 27: Scientists share latest research for better spuds at Potato Field Day
Ants maintain essential interactions despite environmental flux
Grower pays for potentially spreading vine pest
Striped maple trees often change mating types, with females more likely to die
Webinar to dissect latest advice on insect pests in southern pulse crops
Bees can link symbols to numbers: study
Plants for sale – Saturday 15 June
Billions of fungi belong to just a few types (and some are carnivorous)
Art-science collaboration spotlights pollinator health
Tapping into tradition for land management
One-night brand: Sexy snaps lead to clean buys
Powerful tribute to Mount Evelyn animals
Researcher: time to conserve North’s insects
Find your inner botanist
Asian Longhorn Beetle eradicated in UK
Solving biosecurity threats against our local wine industry
Would you like maggots with that?
Native tree deaths in Nelson Marlborough thought to be caused by recent drought
Loxton declared fruit fly free
Holy Pleistocene, answer’s in bat cave
Swat mozzies this school break
Mystery of submerged beetles’ breathing solved
Expansion of emerald ash borer regulated areas into Nova Scotia
Report Phylloxera in Yarra Valley
AUSVEG, Corteva continue Lead Strategic Partnership
Male crickets use female scent to rate fertility prospects
Speak nature’s language at Forest Feedback panel next week
Sushi, with a side of crickets
Re-discover Discovery Centre at Queensland Museum