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Insects’ electrical synapses control flight power
Beating Seizures by Jamming Cellular Circuitry
Natural product synthesized from coral
Solution-Processible Single-Crystal Porous Organic Polymer Developed
SFU Researchers Discover Drug with Potential to Save Lives by Treating Cardiac Arrhythmias
Ancient Messengers cAMP and cGMP Deliver Messages
Researchers Develop Mini Gene Therapy for Severe Syndrome Causing Blindness and Deafness
New Discovery Challenges Understanding of Nervous System Evolution
Fish Hairs Aid Touch and Human Hearing
Photons Control Neuron Activity as Neurotransmitters
Scientists Overcome Hurdle in Stem-Cell Heart Repair
Researchers Overcome Obstacle to Stem-Cell Heart Repair
Scientists Unveil Process Behind New Type of Cell Death
Small proteins in heart play big role
New Calcium Sensor Helps See Stars
Estrogen Linked to Heart Rhythm Disorder Risk
Can humans ‘Sniff out’ secrets to sense of smell?
Mutation of Desmoplakin Gene Leads to ACM
New Brain Defense Against Opioid Recurrence Found: Epigenetics
Non-Invasive Imaging Unveils Ion Distribution Across Cell Membranes
Biosensor could lead to new drugs, sensory organs on chip
Inner ear has need for speed
Synthetic Nerve Cells Mimic Biology
Researchers reveal added layer of nuance in our sense of smell
Epilepsy May Impair Memory: Study Finds
Using light to manipulate neuron excitability
Peek of How Ketamine Acts as ‘Switch’ in Brain
CityU neuroscientists discover new drug candidate for treatment of epilepsy
Bacteria use ancient mechanisms to self-repair
Scientists unveil functional landscape of essential genes
High-resolution microscopy for analysis of protein complexes
Pacemaker channel discovery could lead to better heart drugs
Cancer cells exposed to high viscosity move better and their metastatic potential increases
Extracellular Viscosity Linked to Cancer Spread
Research rethinks blood-tumor barrier and finds novel path to brain cancer treatment
Maximizing ion accessibility in nanoscale ion-channel mxene electrodes for zinc-ion energy storage
TBX20 enhances reprograming of heart fibroblasts into heart muscle cells
How cooling chemical compounds trigger cold sensation in mammals
Extreme Salt Stress Triggers Leaf Movement
Surprising discovery links Piezo1 and cholesterol during brain development
Surprising discovery by UCI-led team links Piezo1 and cholesterol during brain development
Study reveals novel mechanism behind epilepsy, drug modulation
World first chronic fatigue syndrome findings could fast track response to Long COVID
Opening New Doors: First Synthetic Mechanosensitive Potassium Channel
First synthetic mechanosensitive potassium channel
Wireless activation of targeted brain circuits in less than one second
Functioning of antibodies in autoimmune encephalitis deciphered
Architecture of tail drives sperm forward