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‘5 to over 50 days’ significant improvement in 10㎚ thick artificial cell membrane stability
‘Nanobodies’ from Llamas Could Yield Cell-Specific Medications for Humans
Researchers explore importance of two-pore channels in plants
When neurons behave like double-edged sword
Faster, more efficient nanodevice to filter proton and alkaline metal ions
How do we sense heat, cold, touch?
Research-led team treats diabetes using ultrasound
Imaging method shows beating, development in human heart model
Pain neuron-derived peptide prevents endotoxic death by targeting kynurenine pathway in microglia
Researchers produce fully functional pancreatic beta cells from stem cells for first time
Scientists produce fully functional pancreatic beta cells from stem cells for first time
What Makes Plants Electrically Excitable
New insights: how potassium and sodium are conducted through ion channels
Researchers reveal how Venus fly trap plants snap shut
Researchers reveal how Venus fly traps snaps shut
Tweaked genes borrowed from bacteria excite heart cells in live mice
Solving puzzles of chloride ion channel ASOR
ADHD medicine may treat symptoms of genetic movement disorder in kids
Missing ‘key’ could overcome drug discovery barrier
Ion channel regulates molecule that contributes to disease
1,000-cycle lithium-sulfur battery could quintuple electric vehicle ranges
Researchers Reduce Breast Cancer Metastasis in Animal Models by Modifying Tumor Electrical Properties
More insight into how vision works
AI helps with drug discovery in “galaxy”
Vanderbilt extends its longest ongoing drug discovery agreement with pharmaceutical company through 2023
Finding new channels to selectively target pest insects
Researchers identify and characterize sour receptor conserved from fruit flies to humans
Researchers reveal gating mechanisms of two-pore channel AtTPC1
Modified protein from rattlesnake venom permits development of drug to modulate blood clotting
Scientists model circadian clock neurons in day-active animal for first time
Cystic fibrosis faithfully modeled in human Lung Airway Chip
Researchers key in on brain’s mechanism for singing, learning
Compound developed at UArizona Health Sciences provides innovative pain relief
Study finds striking difference between neurons of humans and other mammals
Researchers reveal critical role of mechanosensor in skin wound healing
Study links gene to cognitive resilience in elderly
Research links gene to cognitive resilience in elderly
2021 science Nobel Prizes: Academy Fellows respond
Neurobiologists identify widely used assembling and stabilizing forces behind brain synapses
How do you feel? Your ‘sense of touch’ is several different senses rolled into one
NIH awards OHSU scientist $1.5 million to understand molecular basis of touch, hearing
Radiation therapy reprograms heart muscle cells to younger state
New filtering method promises safer drinking water, improved industrial production
Distilling 70 years’ worth of data
Scientists design peptidic positive allosteric modulators targeting TRPV1
Identification of genetic causes of childhood epilepsy reveals way to improved treatment and care
Chaos in brain
How does COVID affect brain? Two neuroscientists explain