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Quantencomputing: Ein Molekül gehorcht dem Licht
How will climate change affect hailstorms?
Agile Production: More Than 14 Million Euros for Battery Research
Protecting and Managing Forests with AI
More Than a Learning Place: School as a Hybrid System
Scalable Charging System for Electric Vehicles
When Tram Delivers Parcels
Karlsruhe Real-world Lab for Sustainable Climate Protection
Shedding Light on Perovskite Films
Putting genetic material into pockets
AI Tames Data Volumes for Automated Driving
Outstanding Quality of Studies and Teaching at KIT
Development of an innovation region around Fessenheim
Technologies for More Powerful Quantum Computers
Federation and State Agree on Further Steps to Complete Merger of KIT
6.8 million euros go to doctoral programme for immunology
CLOUD at CERN reveals role of iodine acids in atmospheric aerosol formation
With superconducting qubits on way to quantum computer
AI: Ensuring that Humans Remain in Center
Biodegradable Displays for Sustainable Electronics
Having Sustainability in Mind: Lithium from Upper Rhine Graben for Batteries
Real-world Lab “Robotic Artificial Intelligence” to Be Established at KIT
Further Steps to Complete KIT Merger – Law Presented to State Parliament
Hardly any Sports – But More Physical Activity during Lockdown
Excellent Research on Actinide Bonds and on Energy-efficient Communication Technology
Catalyst Research: Molecular Probes Require Highly Precise Calculations
New Production Technology for Heavy Goods Vehicles
Three-dimensional View of Catalysts in Action
Frequency Data for Stable Power Supply
Energy Transition: Decentralized Energy Supply Based on Innovative Cogeneration
How to Make Catalysts More Efficient
Physics Online Course: Well Prepared for Studies
Climate Change Exacerbates Biodiversity Loss
KIT and Audi Are Working on Recycling Method for Automotive Plastics
RABus Rolls out Self-driving Busses
RABus bringt selbstfahrende Busse auf die Straße
Everyday Activities Enhance Personal Well-being
KIT Will Be Center for National Supercomputing
Aerobuster Hunts for Corona Viruses
Green Deal: Good for a Climate-neutral Europe – Bad for Planet
Artificial Intelligence for Groundwater Protection
Young at Heart with Assistance Robots
Drug Screening at Far Higher Throughput
Urban Mobility: Together or Against Each Other
Specific and Rapid Expansion of Blood Vessels
Corona Antibodies: High Willingness to Undergo Tests When Costs Are Low
Species Loss Affects Basis of Life of Humans
Sports Science: Quality Wins Games