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Crisis Communication: Informing Credibly and Understandably
German Center for Future Mobility: Transport Research in Karlsruhe Is Strengthened
New Building for Close-to-practice and Future-oriented Studies at KIT
Simultaneous Concept Accelerates Production of Electrodes
New Sensor Detects Ever Smaller Nanoparticles
Energy Storage: Modular System Enhances Flexibility
How Cells Correctly Choose Active Genes
Energy Transition: New Technologies for Sector Coupling
Colloquium Fundamentale: Science in Politics
Geothermal Energy: Participation in Transforming Heat Supply System
Mainz University is ranked number one in Physics in Germany in 2021 DFG Funding Atlas
KIT Science Week: Human Being in Center of Learning Systems
Innovative Sensor Specifically and Precisely Detects Molecule
Research for Safe Solid-state Batteries
Unprecedented view of single catalyst nanoparticle at work
StoRIES: New Push for Energy Storage Research in Europe
Learning from Game Developers: Product Development with Extended Reality
Karlsruhe Devoted to AI and Digitization
Hydrogen Technologies: KIT Is Involved in All Three German Lead Projects
Record-breaking lithium-metal cell
Green Hydrogen: Focus on Catalyst Surface
Biodiversity: Land Use – Threat to and Opportunity for Bumblebees
Better Forecasts of Air Quality, Weather, and Climate
Flood Risks Were Clearly Underestimated
Supercomputer Inaugurated at KIT
Synthetic Fuels: Successful Coupled Operation of Container Plant System at KIT
KIT Science Week: Dedicated to AI
Start-up help for aspiring engineers during corona pandemic
Refuels Are Suited for Wide Use
Renewable Energies: No Wind Turbine Disturbing Scenery
Climate-resilient Tree
Better gripping with intelligent picking robots
Language Technologies: Zoom Acquires KIT’s Spin-Off kites
Sustainable Mining of Raw Materials from Thermal Springs in Chile
KIT Supercomputer one of 15 fastest in Europe
IOP Publishing and Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory launch open access journal – Materials Futures
Sustainable Food: Healthier Cereal Products Made from Old Landraces
Data breaches: Most victims unaware when shown evidence of multiple compromised accounts
Bioeconomy: Taking Microbes out of Dark and into Light
Sweet Sorghum: Sweet Promise for Environment
Platooning – Future of Munich City Buses
Falling Walls Lab Karlsruhe: Ideas for Solving Global Challenges
Atmospheric Research: CAIRT Satellite Concept Selected as a Candidate for “Earth Explorer 11”
Novel Materials: Sound Waves Traveling Backwards
Improved Climate Resilience through Better Seasonal Forecasts
Quality Campaign for Better Batteries
Machine Learning Speeds up Simulations in Material Science
7 Questions – 7 Formats