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KT fund and MA budget: bridging gap between CERN research and society
Proposed legal change to support medical licensing applications
Experiments measure freezing point of extraterrestrial oceans to aid search for life
Bones, constructed like prestressed concrete
Rice lab improves recipe for valuable chemical
Charging underwater and body-implanted electronic devices using ultrasonic waves
Fresh take on cool plasma
Blue Brain builds neurons with mathematics
Less waste from lower enriched Uranium targets
Scorpions’ venomous threat to mammals relatively new evolutionary step
Researchers put CRISPR on safer path to patient treatments with new process for evaluating impacts of gene edits that alter rather
With machine learning to new supramolecular materials
IAEA and EU Senior Officials Discuss Nuclear Safety and Security in Ukraine and Further Areas of Cooperation
New Peer-Reviewed Journal Psychedelic Medicine Launching in 2023
Scientists create new lead-free piezoelectric materials
Women’s History Month: Women at CUIMC Who Made Difference
Tiny biohybrid robots for intelligent drug delivery
Nanogel patented by FIU researchers has potential to change future of medicine
Summit study spins up new insights into correlated electron systems
Possible paradigm shift within piezoelectricity
New medical advances thanks to digital twins
New assay reveals promise for advancing personalized cancer treatment
£1.3million competition launched to find next Telexistence technology
£1.3 million available for cutting-edge telexistence innovations
Researchers Develop Optical Biopsy System that Detects Liver Cancer
Research on immune system response and low-cost energy storage awarded ERC grants
Over €5 million funding for University of Warwick projects tackling sustainability and fundamental question of our universe
New hydrogel is as strong as spider silk and sticky as mussel foot protein
New study gives better understanding of how housekeeping takes place in cells
Superheavy science: ORNL’s actinide abilities enable discovery of new elements
Neurotoxin from black widow spider examined
Scientists examine neurotoxin from black widow
Researchers may have solved an important part of mystery of ultra-rare blood clots linked to adenovirus-based Covid vaccines
Sandia Labs wins seven R&D 100 Awards and two specialty honors
DNA replication under microscope
New holographic camera sees unseen with high precision
Synthetic biology yields easy-to-use underwater adhesives
Wash-and-wear sensors
Finding inspiration in starfish larva
NIST Awards 5 Universities With Key Funding to Develop Standards Curricula
CERN Accelerator School to create new video encyclopaedia
Bright prospects for OCT at 30
BBQ lighter, combined with microneedles, sparks breakthrough in Covid vaccine delivery
Radioactive metals for medicine get boost from recently discovered protein
Cancer therapies and nuclear material detection get boost from newly discovered protein
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero receives Max Planck-Humboldt Research Award
Scientists deliver nanozymes into epidermis with dissolvable microneedles for rapid hair regeneration
JILA’s comb breathalyzer is now thousandfold more sensitive to disease biomarkers