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Following water cycle in forest
Ask Plants to Solve Biggest Challenges
Scientists Ask: What’s Next for Plant Science?
Citizen Scientists Needed to Document Unphotographed Native Plants
Researchers use remote sensing to study drought resistance in beans
Researchers Use Calcium Materials to Reduce Arsenic in Soil
New research lends ear to how drought impacts corn yields
UConn Launches New Cannabis Cultivation Minor
Internal thermometer tells seeds when to germinate
Seed Germination Triggered by Internal Thermometer
Wheeled Robot Measures Leaf Angles to Improve Corn Breeding
Biologists, Engineers Uncover Petunia Cell Processes
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Produces Immune-Paralyzing Molecule
Researchers Unveil Photosynthesis ATP Regulation and Synthesis
Microalgae: environmental cleaners of greenhouse water
Arthur Mol on sustainably managing increasingly crowded seas
How can we plan this increasing use of seas sustainably?
Inexpensive, Easy Techniques to Track Plant Drought Impact
Researchers Unlock 95.6% of Tobacco Plant Genome
Wild Bee Queens Die in Commercial Hives Despite Colorful Lures
Wild bumblebee queens lured and killed in commercial hives
Evolution of wheat spikes since Neolithic revolution
Restoring nature equitably
MSU Researchers Develop Biofuel Crops to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use
Nottingham and Tübingen strengthen cross-border partnership ties
Motile Sperm and Frequent Abortions in Spreading Earthmoss
Actin Impacts Cancer Spread in Multiple Ways
Rare orchids could be saved by common fruits in Florida, research finds
CABBI Team Makes Precision Gene Editing in Miscanthus Reality
New tomato bred to naturally resist pests and curb disease
Molecule Protects from Stem Cell Transplant Complications
Surface Structures May Alter Immune Response: Study
Canada, Saskatchewan Invest $17.6M in Crop Research
How grasses avoid inbreeding
Rice Breeding Breakthrough to Feed Billions
Retipping Improves Cannabis Growing Efficiency: Less Space, More Plants
Broccoli looks more like cauliflower in warmer world
Want natural food dye? Amaranth delivers, according to Illinois study
Scientists Unveil How Mitochondria Create Pores
Origin, Spread and Diversity of Polygonoideae Subfamily Examined
Grasses’ Breathing Pores Shaped by Polarity Proteins
No-Till Crops on Dairy Farms Could Benefit from Tillage
Ethanol preps rice and wheat for drought
Concord grape innovation awards highlight new opportunities
St. Louis Region Emerging as Global Hub for Innovation in Indoor Agriculture
Miniature Inverted-repeat Transposable Element-associated Variants Influence Stamen Petaloid and Flower Types in Scared Lotus
Mechanical Harvesting of Hard Cider Apples is More Economical than Hand Harvesting
Cornell leads $3M project to grow organic dry bean industry