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Researchers get USDA-NIFA grant to study corn-soil fungi interactions, symbiosis
From coffee grounds to oyster mushroom
ARC Linkage to drive hemp food crop quality controls for Aussie growers
Growing gains in black rice and hemp
COVID Rekindled Appreciation of Nature for Many
Wheat plants yield mechanism to flourish
Determining why Arctic is turning ever greener
A new discovery shows major flowering plants are 150 million years older than previously thought
Worldwide flower family bloomed 50 million years before dinosaurs
Plant immune systems can adapt to non-living environmental stressors
Flavonoids from sorghum plants kill fall armyworm pest on corn; may protect crop
Research uncovers microbes that affect sorghum drought response
Researchers Suggest Better Understanding of Below-ground Carbon Allocation and Its Efficiency for Nutrient Acquisition
Plant molecular geneticists discover, and begin to crack, epigenetic code
Study Unveils Alkaloids and Chlorophyll Biosynthesis in Lotus Plumule
Next generation scientists to tackle plant problems
Researchers studying leaf angle aim to improve yields, inspire young scientists
Prisoners turn over new leaf through innovative farming scheme
15 years of experiments have overturned a major assumption about how thirsty plants actually are
Ben-Gurion University plant biologist is figuring out how wild wheat protects itself from insects
New NUS Research Centre on Sustainable Urban Farming seeks high-tech solutions to boost Singapore’s food security
Growing Cereal Crops With Less Fertilizer
New plant mechanism discovered
Natural clean-up: bacteria can remove plastic pollution from lakes
Bacteria can remove plastic pollution from lakes
Sustainable practices linked to farm size in organic farming
Breeding with ‘wild relatives’ to produce disease and climate resistant wheat
Researchers Identify Genes Making Strawberries Resistant to Fusarium Wilt
Finding function in lincRNAs
Sowing seeds for better food crops